My Comics This Week.


I managed to pick up all the Bombshell covers for the comics on my pull list.  I think Black Canary on the Green Arrow cover is my favorite.

I’ve only recently began to try to absorb myself in the DC Comic universe, I have always found Marvel more appealing, but with the two big events this year (Convergence and Secret Wars) I’m feeling like I’m leaning more towards DC.  Maybe Marvel can win me back after Secret Wars but for now there is too much going on a I’m not enjoying the event.

For now I’m concentrating on DC and trying to join in post Convergence.


Bombshells #1

I’ve been looking forward to this, a brand new book is a great news for some one trying to get on board with the DC universe.  I wasn’t disappointed, this was so much fun to read.  It opened up with A League of Their Own style women’s 1940’s baseball, which is one of my all time favorite movies, so I was hooked.  The 1940’s setting also brings to mind Marvel’s Agent Carter.  The big difference is that these ladies have super powers and it’s going to be so much fun seeing how this comic progresses.   It was by far my favorite read this week, I can’t wait for issue #2.


Suicide Squad #11

A DC title that I’ve been following since the first issue.  I love anything with Harley Quinn in it.  I love how wonderfully nuts she is.  She’s not been featuring too heavily in the current story arc, hoping for some more Harley craziness next issue.

Star Trek/Green Lantern #2


I’m a big Star Trek fan so this is awesome.  The Trek Villains are rocking power rings, I can’t wait to see how Kirk and Hal fix things.

Starfire #3


Another fun DC title, only on issue #3 so it should be real easy to pick up the previous 2 issues and join in with this one.  Starfire is learning to get by on earth and deal with hurricane and monsters.  I’m hoping for a Harley Quinn crossover in the not to distant future.

Catwoman #43


I’m undecided on this one.  I’ve read issue #41 – #43 and I’m find the mob story lines a little hard to follow.  I’ll stick with it for another couple of issues and maybe try rereading the issues that I have.

Green Arrow #43


This is one that I can’t wait to really get into.  I love the tv show and want so much to love the comic too.  This was a great conclusion to the current threat from Aaron Zimm.  Looking forward to next week.

Batman #43


Ok, I start reading Batman at issue #41 and Bruce Wayne isn’t Batman anymore.  I’m not really loving Commissioner Gordon as Batman. I’m hoping that they figure out a way to get Bruce to come back soon.

Justice League United #12


This wasn’t originally on my list of DC titles that I wanted to read but having flicked through issue #11 in my local comic book store, I had to pick it up.  After reading it I added #12 to my pull list.  I love seeing all the villains working together and I’m looking forward to seeing who they pull together next.

DC Movies Update

Upcoming Dc Movies


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 3/25/2016

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

Suicide Squad 8/5/2016

Warner Bros.


Wonder Woman 6/23/17

Justice League Part 1  11/17/2017


The Flash 3/23/2018

Aquaman  7/27/2018


Shazam 4/5/2019

Justice League Part 2  6/14/2019


Cyborg   4/3/2020

Green Lantern Corps  6/19/2020

Untitled Batman Movie tba