Super Zero #1 Review


Writers: Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti

Artist: Rafael de Latorre

Colorist: Marcelo Maiolo

I am a huge Harley Quinn fan so I just had to pick up the latest book by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti.   The book exceeded my expectations.  The artwork by Rafael De Latorre is just stunning.  It does a wonderful job of taking a book that could have been seen as an upbeat comic book for tweens, and making it a book that does justice to the more serious subject material.  At its heart this is a book about a young girl struggling to find her purpose in the world.  She is desperate to be noticed for doing something extraordinary.  Something that many of us can relate to, who didn’t go through a phase of wanting to be a pop, rock or movie star.  Dru Dragowski dreams of being a super hero and saving the world, what’s scary is the lengths that she is willing to go to so she can achieve her dream.  There is no evil or malice in the choices she makes but she’s very lucky that they don’t lead to disaster.  On the surface is this a fun book, but from a parents perspective it’s a little scary.  Dru admits to having a happy home life and wonderful parents yet she isn’t happy and puts herself and them in danger.  It also tackles the topic of child abuse, Dru’s friend Tana is being beaten by her father, a potential chance for Dru to help her friend and be a real super hero.

There is so much more to this book than I expected.  The themes that are being addressed in the book make it a wonderful example of what comics can be.  I’m very excited for what is coming in the next issue.

My Comic Pull List This Week 12/16/15


Ivar, Timewalker comes to an end this week, sorry to see it end but very excited about the new titles that Valiant is going to be adding in the next few weeks.  Some great leading women coming our way from Valiant as Dr. Mirage and Faith make their debuts soon.


LUCI_Cv1_Previews_55f8b20102c8b6.55116279  HARLEY_Cv23_55f73abfe56f16.26948295 4955672-01Jirniv2-05a-Marion-873fa

I’m not too familiar with Lucifer so I thought I’d take a look at the new book, before I start watching the tv show next month. Harley will always make the list. I’m loving the Little Black book sealed covers at the moment.  As I’m such a big Harley fan I just have to give Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti’s new book a read. I’m really enjoying the stuff that AfterShock is putting out so far.  Aspen Comics releases the final issue in the current volume of Jirni this week, I just love the artwork in these books.

Deadpool Challenge Week 8

Deadpool #9

Deadpool escapes the Thunderbolts.  He his working with Taskmaster.  They are dressing the same to confuse the Thunderbolts.  They both attack the Thunderbolts.  Black Widow II traps Taskmaster, thinking that he is Deadpool.

Deadpool: Suicide Kings #1


Deadpool is hired by a young man to take down the bookie that he owes money to.  When Deadpool tries, the bookie has an apartment blown up making it look like Deadpool did it and is responsible for innocent deaths.  Punisher sees the TV report and decides to go after Deadpool.

Thunderbolts #131

The Thunderbolts find out that there are two Deadpools.  There is a big battle and Headsman chops off Deadpool’s head. Deadpool is at an ATM, using Osborn’s card to clean him out, with his head sewn back on. The thanks Taskmaster but it turn out that it was Black Widow II who put his head back.

X-Force #14

There is a huge fight Elixir and Vanisher take Hope and try to get her out of danger. Archangel hears something calling him and leaves the group.  Strife attacks and captures Warpath and Hope.  Archangel finds Apocalypse in a cave, Bishop has woken him.

Cable #14

Styrfe is torturing Warpath, Hope is being held in a force field.  Bishop is struggling with having to kill a child.  Apocalypse attacks Archangel.  Bishop attacks Stryfe and then aims his gun at Hope. Stryfe destroys Bishops gun.  Archangel leaves Apocalypse in the cave refusing to join him.  Hope removes Stryfe’s helmet and think that he is Cable come to rescue her.

Deadpool #10

Deadpool photo bombs an Osborn tv appearance.  Osborn calls a meeting at Avengers Tower.  Bullseye, who is currently taking Hawkeyes’ identity is chosen and the one to go after Deadpool.  Deadpool shows up at a house, he has been hired to kill the pizza delivery guy who rings the doorbell.  Deadpool does the job and then find the man who owns the house upstair with an arrow through his head.  Bullseye is there and puts an arrow in Deadpools head.

Deadpool: Suicide Kings #2

Punisher finds Deadpool, they fight, Deadpool escapes and goes to Outlaws apartment.  Punisher finds him there and chops off both his arms.   Daredevil shows up and saves Deadpool.

X-Force #15

Warpath breaks free and attacks Stryfe.  Deadpool, Domino, Vanisher and X-23 are trying to find and disable the coronal net.  Archangel is struggling to resist Apocalypse.  Deadpool reveals that Stryfe is in his head and has been able to read his mind all along. Cable fights Stryfe and Apocalypse agrees to help fight Stryfe.

Cable #15

X-Force is trying to disable the chronal net that is preventing them from returning to their own time.  They find a mutant wired to a machine controlling the net. Hope runs from Strife but he catches her.  Cable and Bishop fight.  Wolverine is in an animal rage and attacks Cable.  Archangel takes Apocalypse to the celestial ship, hoping that he will stop Stryfe.  Cable and Stryfe are fighting.  Deadpool shoots Stryfe and he falls off a platform.  Stryfe comes back and cuts Deadpool in half.

Deadpool #11

Deadpool staggers around with an arrow in his head. He manages to remove it and goes to face Bullseye.  They fight in an slaughter house. Deadpool runs into a meat locker, he comes out wearing a meat suit.  He captures Bullseye using meat hooks.

Deadpool: Suicide Kings #3

Deadpool gets a name for man who hired him from the paper that put the ad in to hire him.  They are attacked by Punisher. Daredevil tries to convince Punisher that Deadpool is innocent.  They find the father of the man who hired Deadpool.  He tells them that the bookies name is Tombstone.  Daredevil and Deadpool try and find him.  While questioning someone Deadpool is captured by Spider-Man.  Punisher takes a sniper shot and blow up Deadpools head.

Ms. Marvel #40

Karla Sofen (Moonstone) is calling herself Ms. Marvel.  Carol Danvers is thought to be dead.  AIM hires Deadpool to retrieve some babies in jars for him.  Karla is very protective of the babies.  They are calling out to Ms. Marvel and know that she isn’t the real one.  A glowing gold female fights Karla.  Deadpool finds some of the babies at Thunderbolt mountain.  Spider-Man is fighting a green glowing woman. Luke Cage and Wolverine are fighting a pink glowing woman.  She draws a Ms. Marvel lightning bolt on the floor.

Deadpool #12

Norman Osborn tells Bullseye that he need to take care of Deadpool. He goes after him and gets stuck under the wheels of Deadpools monster truck.  They strike a deal and Bullseye pays Deadpool a fortune to disappear until Norman Osborn no longer has power.  Deadpool takes the deal but gets so bored that he blows his own head off.

Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth #1


AIM hires Deadpool to retrieve a package from the savage land.  They blast him in so that Hydra don’t detect him.  Deadpool meets Ka-Zar the lord of the savage land. He shows Deadpool a huge statue of Deadpool that some cavemen are building.  Deadpool meets up with a pretty AIM scientist names Betty.  She hasn’t been able to secure the package yet so they have to go after it together.  Deadpool attacks some cavemen but he is overwhelmed and they are captured.  They find that the cavemen are worshiping a talking Deadpool zombie head.

Deadpool: Suicide Kings #4

Deadpool is recovering from The Punishers attack.  Daredevil has managed to convince Spider-Man that Deadpool is innocent of blowing up the apartments.  Tombstone hires some super-powered muscle to take care of Deadpool.  Punisher and Deadpool fight again but Punisher ends up convinced that Deadpool is innocent and he agrees to help him find Tombstone.  They find him, fight his henchmen and then chase him.  They find him surrounded by his hired muscle.

Ms. Marvel #41

Deadpool brings a batch of the babies in jars to AIM.  There are still more to find.   Spider-Man and Wolverine find 4 of the glowing women and some of the jars.  The glowing figures communicate that they are Ms. Marvel.  She needs all the jars together to come back.  Deadpool fights Karla she flies up with him and then drops him.  The Avengers attack AIM to recover the jars that Deadpool took.  The 4 figures merge and Ms. Marvel returns.

Deadpool #13

Deadpool is bored with staying hidden and decides to buy a ship and become a pirate.  He calls up Bob and makes him become the ships parrot.  They travel to a luxury island called Jallarka.  They go ashore to find Bob a doctor/vet and meet a beautiful blind travel guide.  While they are talking to her another group of pirates take their ship.  Bob offers Deadpools services to protect the island.

Deadpool #14

Deadpool attacks the pirates and gets his ship back but the pirates chase him.  Deadpool has one torpedo, which he uses to target a sunken nuclear submarine and blow up the pirates.  Deadpool leaves Bob on the island with a chest full of gold.  He leaves and goes to try and be helpful.

Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth #2

The zombie head tells Deadpool about how he comes from a parallel universe that has been ravaged by a zombie virus.  He wants to attach himself to Deadpools body.  Deadpool gets free and threatens to throw the head into the lava.  Betty stops him because the head is the reason that he has been sent to the savage land by AIM.  They leave the cave and fight some dinosaurs.  They are ambushed by Hydra.

Deadpool: Suicide Kings #5

Deadpool and Spider-Man face tombstone’s wrecking crew.  Punisher turns up to help and they win the fight. They manage to find Tombstone, they defeat him.  Deadpool takes the young man who hired him to his father.  Deadpool gets paid and the young man has to face the police.  Deadpool buys Outlaw a new apartment.

Hulk #14

Domino accidentally learn The Red Hulk’s secret identity.  He chases her but loses her.  Red Hulk is given a list of people to his search for Domino.  The list consists of Deadpool, Punisher, Crimson Dynamo, Thundra and Elektra.  They find Domino in a bar in Hell’s Kitchen with X-Force.

Deadpool #15

Deadpool is alone on his boat and ends up being rescued by a cruise ship.  They realize who he is so he has to jump ship to escape. He finds himself in San Fansisco.  He sees a tv broadcast by Cyclops and decided that he wants to join the X-Men.

Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth #3

Hydra want Deadpool and Betty to hand over the zombie head.  The cavemen also want the head back.  Ka Zar is luring dinosaurs to attack Hydra.  Ka Zar helps Deadpool, Betty and the head escape Hydra.  The zombie head has bitten and created a zombie dinosaur.  As Betty has not reported in to AIM they decided that the mission has failed and are getting ready to fire missiles at the savage land.

Hulk #15

Red Hulk’s team fight X-Force.  Elektra asked Domino why they are attacking her.  The bar explodes and Elektra and Domino disappear.  Wolverine temporarily blinds Red Hulk.  Deadpool fights Warpath.

Shang-chi: Master of Kung Fu

Deadpool features in the first story in this one-shot.  There is a motorcycle race with Shang-Chi.  Deadpool has been paid to kill him but they end up hanging out.

New DC Comics This Week 10/7/15

This week sees the debut of Telos.  The villain of Convergence gets his own weekly comic.  Also new this week, Batman and Robin Eternal and 6 month series following up on the events in Batman Eternal.

Action Comics #45 (monsters)

Batman and Robin Eternal #1


Batman Beyond #5 (monsters)

Cyborg #3 (GL75)

Detective Comics #45 (monsters)

Green Arrow Annual #1


Green Arrow #45 (monsters)

Green Lantern #45 (monsters)

Injustice Gods Among us Year Four #11

Lobo #11

Looney Tunes #227

Mortal Combat X #11

Omega Men #5

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #15

Telos #1


DC Comics this week 8/26/15

The final week of the Bombshell variant covers.  My pulls for the week are in bold.  My girl Harley gets a Bombshell cover this week, love that she’s with Mr. J.  I’m excited to get the 2nd issue of Cyborg, last months debut was great.

Aquaman #43 (B)

Batgirl #43

Batman ’66 #26

Batman Arkham Knight Genesis #1 (of 6)

Cyborg #2

Deathstroke #9 (B)

The Flash #43 (B)

Gotham by Midnight #8

Grayson #11 (B)

Harley Quinn #19 (B)


He-man the Eternity War #9

JLA Gods and Monsters #3 (of 3)

Justice League 3001 #3

Justice League of America #3 (B)

Prez #3 (of 12)

Sinestro #14 (B)

Superman #43 (B)

Teen Titans #11 (B)

We are..Robin #3

Deadpool Challenge week 1 (1991- 1997)

Many of Deadpool’s early appearances aren’t available on the Marvel App.  Almost all of his 1990’s appearances in X-Force are missing.  Hopefully Marvel will add them eventually. Having searched online for some complete list of Deadpool appearances, I’ve found the number to be a lot less than on Comicvine.  The number is close to 500.  So if I want to get this done before the movie comes out I should be able to do it by reading 3-4 issues per day or around 25 issues per week.

Deadpool’s first appearance was in 1991 in The New Mutants Issue #98.  He fights Cable and loses, then gets mailed back to Mr. Tolliver (the man who hired him for the hit on Cable)


New Mutants #98


Next Deadpool makes appearances in several issues of X-Force, only issues #2 & #4 are available on the Marvel App

X-Force #2, #4

In issue #2 Deadpool fights Weapon X and G.W. Bridge, once again at the request of Mr. Tolliver.


X-Force #5, #10, #11 (Not on Marvel App)

Nomad #4 (not on the Marvel app)

X-force #14, #15 (Not on the Marvel App)

X-Force Annual #01 (Not on the Marvel App)


X-Force #21, #22 (Not on the Marvel App)

What The -? #25 (Not on the Marvel App)

X-Force #23, #24 (Not on the Marvel App)

August 1993,  for the First time, Deadpool gets his own comic.  It’s a four issue limited series.  All four issues are on the Marvel app so I was able to read them.

Deadpool: The Circle Chase #1, #2, #3, #4


The chase is on to find Tolliver’s will.  Many characters are racing to be the first ones to find the ultimate weapon left by Mr. Tolliver.  Characters in this series include, Copycat, Juggernaut, Black Tom Cassidy, Slugger, Slayback, Commcast, Rive and Makeshift.

Avengers #366

Deadpool appears briefly in the “Swordplay” story where he fights Blood Wraith and Black Knight for a sword (this happens as part of the Circle Chase story)

Deadpool then makes a few appearances in several titles that are not included on the Marvel App.

Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #23 (Not on Marvel App)

Secret Defenders #15, #16, #17 (Not on Marvel App)

X-Calibre #1, #2, #3, #4

An alternate version of Deadpool appears in X-Calibre as a part of the Age of Apocalypse event.  Dead Man Wade travels to Avalon with Damask to destroy the mutant refuge.


Deadpool: Sins of the Past #1, #2, #3, #4


Another Deadpool limited series.  Black Tom Cassidy needs Deadpool’s DNA to help cure him of a wooden growth all over his body.  Deadpool loses his hand in a fight and Dr. Killbrew attaches it to Tom Cassidy’s body.   While looking for Tom Cassidy Deadpool meets Banshee and his daughter Siryn.  Deadpool and Siryn begin to become close.

Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #30 (Not on the Marvel App)

Wolverine #88 (Not on the Marvel app)


X-Men: The Ultra Collection #5 (Not on the Marvel App)

Wolverine Annual vol 2 (Not on the Marvel App)

X-Force #46, #47 (Not on the Marvel App)


X-Force #56 (Not on the Marvel App)

X-Force Megazine #1 (Not on the Marvel App)


Deadpool #1


Deadpool gets his own on going monthly series!!! All 69 issues are on the Marvel App!! now the serious reading begins.  Most issues involving Deadpool from this point on are now going to be available for me to read.

In the first issue Deadpool takes a job that has him have to fight Sasquatch.  He ends up being exposed to gamma radiation.

Deadpool #2

Weasel is kidnapped by Taskmaster.  Deadpool loses a finger and has a hard time growing it back.

Deadpool #3

Deadpool is trying to find Tom Cassidy.  A clue leads him and Siryn to Dr. Killebrew instead.  Killbrew tells Deadpool that he’s dying.

Deadpool #4

Deadpool has to battle the Hulk to get a sample of his blood so he can be cured.

Deadpool #5

Deadpool is cured.  Siren stops Deadpool from killing Dr. Killebrew.

Deadpool #6

Deadpool takes two jobs, one to kill and one to rescue a woman in a mental institution.  While there he fights Vamp/Animus.  The woman he was hired to free/kill turns out to be a psychopath names Typhoid Mary.

Deadpool #-1

A look back to before Wade became part of the Weapon X program.

Deadpool #7

Deadpool brings Mary to the Mercenary hide out (The Hellhouse)  T-ray knows Mary from before and warns Deadpool that she’s crazy.  Weasel meets Blind Al, she is terrified what Deadpool will do if he finds out Weasel was there.

Daredevil/Deadpool Annual

I couldn’t find this issue on the Marvel App but judging by the end of Deadpool #7 its Mary and Deadpool heading to New York because she wants to find Daredevil.

Deadpool #8

Deadpool tries to do the right thing and chases Mary across New York trying to stop her killing people.

25 Comics read so far!!!!

That’s it for week #1.  It’s been a lot of fun.  I’m on vacation next week so I doubt I’ll reach my 25 issues per week goal.  It’ll be a heavy reading catch up week the following week.