Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 Ep. #1 9/29/15 – review

Laws of Nature


The season begin several months after the events of last season.  Skye/Daisy is running a team that is trying to locate and bring in newly activated Inhumans and Fitz is desperately trying to figure out the monolith and get Simmons back.

There is another organization run by a woman named Rosalind that is also hunting Inhumans.  Coulson tracks her down and they find that there is a third party out there that is attacking and killing Inhumans.

Daisy, Mack and Lincoln are attacked by a large creature with powers and barely escape.

This episode spends a lot of time reminding the audience what Inhumans are, I guess to bring in new viewers who may not have seen the previous season.

It was great to see Lash being brought in from the comics.  It’s doubtful that many, if any, if the major comic book Inhuman characters will be brought in to the show.  Theres is an Inhumans movie planned for 2019, so most of the big stars of the comics such as Black Bolt, Medusa and Crystal, I’m sure,  will be saved for that.

Fitz finally got to do a bit more than stand in the corner looking nervous while being a genius.  He’s stepping up for Simmons who, unknown to him is lost on an alien planet.


It will be interesting to see how the relationship develops between Coulson and Rosalind.  They both seem to be working against each other for the same goal.  Hopefully next week we will see something of May and Ward now that Hunter is going on a revenge mission.

Gotham Season 2 Episode #2 – 9/28/15 – review

Rise of the Villains: Knock, Knock


Season 2 continues to move along at a rapid pace.  Galavan has kidnapped the Mayor and threatened him into covering up his own disappearance.  Jerome takes the lead of the Arkham escapees and they terrorize Gotham calling themselves the Maniax!.

Bruce fires Alfred for breaking his fathers computer then hires him back as long as he promises to train him.

The Maniax! attack GCPD and kill Captain Sarah Essen.  Harvey Bullock returns to work.

Cameron Monaghan steals this episode with a brilliant performance as the manic, Jokeresque, Jerome.  The laugh and the smile are perfectly crazed.  Galavan and his team of crazies dominate this episode with no time for the Penguin and little for the Riddler.

Another great thrill ride of an episode.  Looking forward to next week and seeing how the GCPD and Gordon move forward without Essen at the helm.

Gotham Season 2 Episode #1 – 9/21/15 Review

Rise of the Villians: Damned If You Do….


The new season picks up right where the old one left off.   Penguin is running the Gotham underworld, Gordon is working as a traffic cop, Bullock is a bar tender and Barbara is now an inmate at Arkham Asylum.

This episode largely deals with how far is it ok to go for the greater good.  Gordon struggles with the frustration of losing his job and no longer being able to try and clean up Gotham.  He only option to get back to cleaning up the city is to turn to crime himself and do a favor for the Penguin.  It gave Gordon a bit more of an edge, as he spent most of the previous season taking the moral high ground.

Gotham_sc032_0052_hires1 []

This episode sees the arrival of Theo Galavan and his sister Tabitha (Tigress).  His agenda is not made clear in this episode although it’s clearly not going to be good for Gotham.

Ed Nygma is now talking to himself and spiraling into insanity.  We are getting closer and closer to seeing the super-villain Riddler emerge.

The least interesting parts of the episode for me were the ones involving Bruce Wayne.  Alfred is by far the most interesting part of any Bruce scene.

The episode is a great start to season 2.  It’s going to interesting to see, over the course of the season, how Gordon deals with what he had to do for Penguin, the increasing threat that Galavan poses and The Riddler slowly losing his mind.

DC TV Update 8/18/2015

Returning DC shows

Gotham (FOX) second season premiere 9/21/2015

The Flash (CW) second season premiere 10/6/2015

iZombie (CW) second season premiere 10/6/2015

Arrow (CW) forth season premiere 10/7/2015

Upcoming DC shows

Supergirl (CBS) premiere 10/26/2015

Legends of Tomorrow (CW) premiere early 2016

Lucifer (FOX) premiere 2016

Preacher (AMC) pilot being filmed

Titans/Blackbirds (TNT) rumored, not yet in production




Gotham Season 2 is just 34 days away.  Fox has been running some trailers for the new season which is subtitled “Rise of the Villains” So far already cast for the season are Tigress and Firefly.  One of the trailers sees Bruce and Alfred entering an underground cave, no doubt the first we see of the Batcave.

The Flash


There’s going to be a bunch of new villains for the Flash to deal with the season.  Already cast are Atom-Smasher and Captain Cold’s Father.  Others rumored to be appearing include Vandal Savage, Doctor Alchemy, Professor Zoom and the Mirror Master.  It’s already been teased that Kaitlin will be becoming Killer Frost but it’s not known whether it will happen this season.


Starling City becomes Star City and Arrow will now be known as the Green Arrow.  There have been updates to Green Arrow’s costume as well as a new bunker for the team.




Probably the most anticipated new show for comic book fans this season is Supergirl.  Brit Morgan has been cast as the villain Livewire, who’s power is electricity.  It’s been confirmed that Superman will not be appearing on screen in the series but he will be mentioned and play a part in Kara development into Supergirl.

Marvel TV Update 8/18/2015


Returning Shows

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.(ABC) third season premiere 9/29/2015

Marvel’s Agent Carter (ABC) second season premiere early 2016

Daredevil (Netflix) second season rumored 2016

Upcoming Shows

Jessica Jones (Netflix) premiere 2015

Luke Cage (Netflix) Premiere 2016

Iron Fist (Netflix) Premiere 2016

Defenders (Netflix) Premiere tba

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 

With just 42 days to go until the 3rd season premiere there continues to be buzz online about what to expect this season.  Apparently some time will have passed and Simmons will still be stuck inside the Kree monolith.  Simmons is returning this season but just how the time in the monolith will affect her character remains to be seen.   The season is said to be based around the Marvel Secret Warriors comics, Daisy and Mack will be working together to lead the Secret Warriors team that in the comics was put together by Nick Fury.  Samuel L. Jackson is rumored to be back for a cameo this season.

Not much else to report for other shows new or returning.  We should see Jessica Jones turn up on Netflix sometime in the last 3 months of 2015 and Agent Carter season 2 will probably be aired starting in January 2016.

DC Movies Update

Upcoming Dc Movies


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 3/25/2016

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

Suicide Squad 8/5/2016

Warner Bros.


Wonder Woman 6/23/17

Justice League Part 1  11/17/2017


The Flash 3/23/2018

Aquaman  7/27/2018


Shazam 4/5/2019

Justice League Part 2  6/14/2019


Cyborg   4/3/2020

Green Lantern Corps  6/19/2020

Untitled Batman Movie tba

Marvel Movies Update

Upcoming Marvel movies


Deadpool release date 2/12/2016
Captain America: Civil War release date 5/6/2016
X-Men Apocalypse release date 5/27/2016

Gambit 10/8/2016

Doctor Strange release date 11/4/2016


Guardians of the Galaxy 2 release date 5/5/17
Guardians of the Galaxy 2 release date 5/5/17
Release 7/6/2018

Untitled Wolverine Movie 2017


Release 5/4/2018
Release 11/2/2018


Release 5/3/2019
Release 7/12/2019

DC TV Update

Returning DC shows

Arrow (CW) forth season premiere 10/7/2015

The Flash (CW) second season premiere 10/6/2015

Gotham (FOX) second season premiere 9/21/2015

iZombie (CW) second season premiere 10/6/2015

Upcoming DC shows

Supergirl (CBS) premiere 10/26/2015

Legends of Tomorrow (CW) premiere early 2016

Lucifer (FOX) premiere 2016

Preacher (AMC) pilot being filmed

Titans/Blackbirds (TNT) rumored, not yet in production



So many shows, so many rumors on what’s to come this season.  All eyes are sure to be on Supergirl when she arrives on the screen in early 2016.  The pilot has been leaked online and the reviews are good.  It’s sure to have a huge audience for the first few episodes, let’s hope it holds onto them. Being on a large network such as CBS means that the numbers need to be high to keep it going.

Flash-Logo-CW legends-tomorrow-logo.jpgarrow-logo-the-cw

The CW is growing there DC group of heroes with the Legends of Tomorrow premiere in early 2016 after a big Arrow/Flash crossover episode.  It’s going to be exciting to watch all three shows and see how they crossover and interact over the coming season.


iZombie returns for a second season.  It’s a bizarre concept but it’s worth watching, lots of humor and zombies that can hold a conversation, make it a refreshing change from the Walking Dead style zombie.


Gotham is another big one.  I’m still undecided on this.  I enjoyed last season but I found myself leaving episodes on the DVR for a few weeks before watching, rather than having to watch live because I couldn’t wait to see what would happen.

Other shows being added to the tv schedule this season are Lucifer and Preacher.  These aren’t superhero shows but they are owned by DC comics.Finally there is the possibility of a live action Teen Titans series to be shown on TNT.  I love the Teen Titans comics and really hope this gets made and does justice to the comic book and the characters.

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