My Comic Pull List This Week 12/16/15


Ivar, Timewalker comes to an end this week, sorry to see it end but very excited about the new titles that Valiant is going to be adding in the next few weeks.  Some great leading women coming our way from Valiant as Dr. Mirage and Faith make their debuts soon.


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I’m not too familiar with Lucifer so I thought I’d take a look at the new book, before I start watching the tv show next month. Harley will always make the list. I’m loving the Little Black book sealed covers at the moment.  As I’m such a big Harley fan I just have to give Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti’s new book a read. I’m really enjoying the stuff that AfterShock is putting out so far.  Aspen Comics releases the final issue in the current volume of Jirni this week, I just love the artwork in these books.

What to do with old comic books?

My comic book collection has been slowly growing over the years and I think the time has come to get rid of some of the old to make way for the new.

Today I’ve been going through one of my long boxes.  It contains a bunch of comics that I grabbed in a comic book store sale a few years ago.  My dilemma is whether try and sell what I can as lots on Ebay, find a fun craft to do with the ones that are really not worth any thing or try and collect the issues that complete the story arcs that I have.  Another thought is to hang on to them until this blog grows a little and then run a few grab bag giveaways.

Here’s some photo’s of some of the stuff I have been going through. This is a fraction of what I have but it’s probably the most interesting of the issues in this particular box.

comicbookpics2 comicpics1

They’ll probably end up as themed or grab bag giveaways.  I’d love to here in the comments if anyone would be interested.