Deadpool Challenge Week 7


Cable & Deadpool #47

Deadpool and Bob need to help Dr. Strange by reuniting T-Ray with his soul.  They fight demon women and a sea serpent. They are sent to Brother Voodoo to find T-Ray’s soul.

Cable & Deadpool #48

Brother Voodoo has T-Ray at his swamp.  Deadpool makes a sacrifice and T-Ray is returned to his body.  They still hate each other but agree to go their separate ways for now.

Wolverine Origins #20

Deadpool appear on the final 2 pages of the book.  He is hired by a mystery man to take out Wolverine.

Cable & Deadpool #49

Irene shows up at Agency X to hire Deadpool in order to get a piece of tech from a base in the savage land.  They travel there and meet up with Kazar, the lord of the savage land.  He is being controlled by Lorelei who is working for Brainchild.  Brainchild is frustrated that he cannot predict Deadpools moves as they have no logic to them.  They manage to defeat Brainchild and gain control of the base but not before Deadpool has transported a bunch of dinosaurs to Manhattan.

Wolverine Origins #21

Deadpool attacks Wolverine.  Deadpool manages to escape the police in an ambulance.  Wolverine has followed him.

Cable & Deadpool #50

The Final Issue in this series.

The dinosaurs are on the loose and an alien Symbiot has attached itself to them.  The Avengers arrive to help clean up Deadpools mess. When the Symbiot tries to attach itself to Deadpool he shoots himself in the head. Weasel and Mr. Fantastic manage to transport the dinosaurs away.  The issue ends with Deadpool sitting in his apartment surrounded by his friends.

Wolverine Origins #22

Wolverine and Deadpool continue to fight.

Wolverine Origins #23

Wolverine cuts off Deadpools fingers, he can’t fire a gun until they grow back. More fighting, they both end up mortally wounding each other.

Wolverine Origins #24

Deadpools healing factor has him recover before Wolverine.  Wolverine is tied up and hanging above a swimming pool.  Daken, Wolverine’s son, turns up, he chops off Deadpools hand and lowers Wolverine into the water.

Wolverine Origins #25

Deadpool and Daken fight.  They end up freeing Wolverine.  Deadpool is unconscious.  Bucky shoots Daken in the head.   Wolverine and Bucky hired Deadpool to lure out Daken, the bullet has stopped Daken’s healing factor from working until Wolverine can get him somewhere secure and try to help him.

Marvel Comics Presents #10

Deadpools phone rings during a hit and he has to fight a bunch of ninja’s.  He kills the mark and then finds out that he could have tripled he money if he had brought him in alive.

Deadpool #1


The start of a new Deadpool series that runs for over 60 issues.

Skrulls are attacking a baseball stadium.   Deadpool takes them on and fights Super Skrull.  He then offers to join the Skrull invasion.

Deadpool #2

The Skrulls examine Deadpool and want to introduce his healing factor into there Super Skrulls.  Deadpool offers to train the new squadron.  He ends up sending all the new super skrull on a crazy rampage.  The copy of Deadpools DNA has also copied his madness. It turns out that Deadpool has been hired by Nick Fury to infiltrate the Skrull base.

Deadpool #3

Super Skrull chases Deadpool, they fight and Deadpool wins.  The new super Skulls all have Deadpools healing factor but without his cancer their bodies over heal.  Deadpool kills the skrull scientist.  He sends the skrull queens bio data to Nick Fury but the data is intercepted by Norman Osborne.


Deadpool #4

Deadpool is hired by Zeke to rescue his wife from her zombie plastic surgeon, Dr. Lovoso.  He travels to eastern Europe where he is attacked and arrested by the locals, who think that he is a zombie. He is freed by Zeke’s men.  He drinks some poison and is captured by Dr. Lovoso.

Deadpool #5

Dr. Lovoso wants to use Deadpool as a renewable food source for his zombies. The zombies don’t want to eat him as he tastes terrible.  Deadpool strikes a dead with Dr. Lovoso.  He lures Zeke and his men there and them hands them over as zombie food.  As Deadpool is traveling home on a boat it is attacked by Tiger Shark.

Weapon X: First Class #2

Deadpool has a short story about his time at Weapon X.  We see Wade after the surgery and find out that he got his name on account of how he managed to live so long.

Deadpool #6

Deadpool is in hospital after Tiger Sharks attack on the boat.  As he is leaving Tiger Shark is back to try again.  They fight and the cops show up.  Deadpool wakes up on a pier in a body bag.  Tiger Shark attacks him and Bob shows up to help Deadpool.

Deadpool #7

Bobs turns on Deadpool. Whoever hired Deadpool has also blackmailed Bob into helping him.  Bob doesn’t want to do it and asks Deadpool to help him.  They fight and defeat Tiger Shark.  Bob tells Deadpool that Norman Osborne is the one that hired him and Tiger Shark.  Osborne is sending his Thunderbolts after Deadpool.

Wolverine Origins #33

Deadpool appears on one page in the book with other Weapon X characters.

Wolverine: Weapon X Files One Shot

A handbook of character bios.

Deadpool #8

Deadpool goes to Avengers Tower to try and find Osborne.  He finds that Osborne isn’t there.  He has to face the Thunderbolts.

Thunderbolts #130


Deadpool fights the Thunderbolts (Headsman, Ant-Man, Paladin, Ghost and Black Widow II) Deadpool steals a transports and escapes as he is falling out of the building.  Ant-man has put a tracer on him so they can follow him.   Deadpool knows and sets them up.  He defeats them and then hits on Black Widow II.

X-Force/Cable Messiah War #1

A mutant baby is born and Cable is asked to take her to the future for her protection.  The childs name is Hope.  Bishop is hunting Cable and the child across time as he believes she will bring about the end of mutants.  Cyclops sends X-Force into the future to find Cable.  When they arrive they find destruction and Deadpool. Deadpool joins them and they find Cable and Hope.  They find the future is run by Cable’s clone Stryfe.

Cable #13

Deadpool explains that he was trapped in a building for 800 years.  When he got out the world was being run by Stryfe.  Stryfe is too crazy even for Deadpool to want to work for.  Bishop is working with Stryfe.  X-Force is ambushed by Stryfe’s men.

Deadpool Challenge Week 6

Cable & Deadpool #23

Deadpool, The BAD Girls and The Cat fight Rive and Makeshift clones.  Cable and Comcast talk, fight and agree to work together.

Cable & Deadpool #24

Deadpool is hired for a job at Fort Dix New Jersey.  He doesn’t know that it is Cable that’s hiring him. Cable sends Irene to meet with Deadpool.  He has to join up with her former colleague to expose a corrupt politician.  The report he meets up with is in a car with Peter Parker.  Deadpool throws Peter off a bridge.  Deadpool has to fight Spider-Man.  S.H.I.E.L.D. brings in Captain America to deal with Cable.

Cable & Deadpool #26

Steve Rogers goes undercover on Providence.  Cable discovers him, the fight and talk.  Steve is impressed with what Cable is trying to do and decides to stay for a while.  Deadpool does not appear in this issue.

Cable & Deadpool #27

This issue begins with and features flashbacks to thousands of years ago when Cable fought Apocalypse.  In the present Cable is missing.  Irene and Deadpool travel to Egypt to find him.  They find him in a Sphinx and he tells them that he plans to resurrect Apocalypse.

Cable & Deadpool #28

Cable wants to bring Apocalypse back to life so that he can kill him.

Cable & Deadpool #29

Deadpool is in Rumekistan fighting Flag Smasher’s men.  This issue is told from Domino’s point of view.  She is trying to find out what Cable is doing and struggling with whether or not she agrees with him.  Deadpool meets with some resistance fighters in Rumekistan, they have Weasel working for them.  Domino assassinates Flag Smasher.  Cable arrives to lead the Rumekistan people.

Cable & Deadpool #30


Civil War tie in issue. Deadpool is fighting the Great Lakes Avengers trying to get them to register, they already have.  Squirrel Girls shows up and strings up Deadpool.  The US government hires Deadpool to round up unregistered heroes.  Cable doesn’t agree with registration.  Cable warns Captain America and offers him refuge on Providence.  Deadpool goes after Daredevil.  He is ambused by the Avengers,

Cable & Deadpool #31

Civil War tie in issue.  Deadpool fights the Avengers, Cable shows up, they tie Deadpool up with duct tape. Cable releases him and they body slide to the White House.  Cable try to talk the President out of the 50 State Initiative.  The President asks Deadpool to arrest Cable.

Cable & Deadpool #32

Civil War tie in issue. Cable and Deadpool fight.  Cable body slides them both to France outside of the One World Church.  Deadpool ends up duct taped again.  Cable is trying to teach Deadpool a lesson about freedom.  Cable takes Deadpool back to his apartment in NY.  Deadpool wants the chance to be legit.

Cable & Deadpool #33

There is an explosion on Providence.  Cable prevents it leading to another nuclear explosion.  SHIELD is sending the Six Pack to Rumekistan.  Comcast finds a blurred image of the person who planted the bomb.  Cable realizes that the bomb was a distraction to take his focus away from Rumekistan.  He takes Deadpool with him to find out what is going on.


Cable & Deadpool #34

Deadpool shoots Cable from behind.  He was the one who planted the bomb on Providence.  The Six Pack takes out the power to Rumekistan.  Cable recovers and claims that he knew what was happening and let things play out.  He kicks Deadpool out of Rumekistan.  Domino and Cable are a couple, she is going to Providence to help him.

Cable & Deadpool #35

Deadpool keeps having hallucinations of people that he has killed.  Cable is responsible, he is trying to punish Deadpool and hopefully help him have more morals.  It doesn’t work.

Cable & Deadpool #36

Deadpool breaks the Taskmaster out of an armed transport.  Deadpool fights him while Weasel has people who might hire him as a merc tied up and watching.  He defeats Taskmaster but no one is impressed.  Deadpool is too unstable to hire.  There is a TV report of Rhino escaping.  Deadpool decides to try and be a hero.

Cable & Deadpool #37

Deadpool wakes up to find that he has been made tiny with Pym Particles.  Rhino captures him and turns him into a keychain.  Deadpool manages to escape and defeat Rhino.  Weasel doesn’t know how to make Deadpool normal size again.

Cable & Deadpool #38

Agent X is captured by Hydra.  Outlaw and Sandi ask Deadpool to help rescue him.  Weasel and Deadpool go to break him out.  Deadpool is still tiny.  Deadpool makes a Hydra agent named Bob help him get to Agent X.  Hydra have chained Agent X, he is now obese and can’t stop eating.  Deadpool returns to normal size.  Bob flies them out of the Hydra base, Weasel is left behind.  T-Ray has broken into Agency X and captured Sandi and Outlaw.

White Tiger #5

There is a brief Deadpool appearance,  He attacks White Tiger believing her to be Black Cat.  Once the mistake is realized, Deadpool leaves.

Cable & Deadpool #39

Deadpool, Bob and Agent X are trying to find where T-Ray is keeping Sandi and Outlaw.  He finds him at a farmhouse.  Cable is busy with the X-Men.  Deadpool and T-Ray fight.  Deadpool wins, T-Ray disappears.  Deadpool takes on running Agency X while Agent X is fat.

Cable & Deadpool #40

Cable and the X-Men are fighting the Hecatomb (mind eater, devourer of souls)  Cable is frozen, trapped in his own mind.  Cable breaks his link to the infonet. Then breaks free and goes after the Hecatomb.  Rejoining the X-Men may lead to the end of Providence and Cable’s dream to help the world.

Cable & Deadpool #41

Cable is on Providence with the X-Men, they have just defeated the Hecatomb. Providence is being evacuated. Irene and Comcast are trapped. Sabletooth is loose on the island. Cable is worried that the Providence future technology will be taken and fall into the wrong hands.

Cable & Deadpool #42

Cable remembers a battle, a soldier sacrificed herself for him but he can’t remember her name. Gambit is on Providence. Deadpool is looking for a back up disc in Cable’s apartment, he is attacked by Senyaka Sunfire. Cable blows up Providence but puts Deadpool back in his Manhattan apartment first.

Cable & Deadpool #43

Cable has been dead for 6 weeks. Cyclops goes to talk to Deadpool, he needs his help with Wolverine. Wolverine is attacking a Hydra base. It’s the same base that Deadpool attacked and then left Weasel there. Weasel is now a Hydra commander and has invented a teleport call the Penetrator. Deadpool and Bob attack the base. Wolverine cuts his head off.

Deadpool/GLI: Summer Fun Spectacular


Deadpool attack the Great Lakes Initiative (GLI) to get them to register. They are already signed up. They work together to try and stop the inebriation wave, they are all immune to its effects. Deadpool goes on a date with Big Bertha. Flatman is annoyed by Deadpools excessive spending, Deadpool gets thrown out of the GLI HQ.

Cable & Deadpool #44

Wolverine fights Hydra. Bob tries to reattach Deadpools head. Weasel uses the penetrator to send the Hydra soldiers to Guantanamo. Weasel was never working for Hydra. Cyclops tells Deadpool that he sent him after Wolverine so that he could be the one to rescue Weasel. Weasels tech is still sparking, it teleports Deadpool and Bob.

Cable & Deadpool #45

Deadpool and Bob find themselves in WWII fighting with Captain America and Bucky. They are looking for Armin Zola, Deadpool believes that he might be able to get them back to their time. They find Zola and fight Frankenstein. Weasel is working to try and get them back. Black Panther, Storm, the Human Torch and the Thing are trying to help Weasel.

Cable & Deadpool #46

Deadpool and Bob jump forward in time and end up on a platform in the Baxter building. They are in the right place but a few years early. Reed Richards try to send them forward at the same time as Weasel is sending the others back. They end up trapped in time. Weasel gets everyone back where they should be. Doctor Strange is waiting at Agency X to hire Deadpool.

Deadpool Challenge Week 5

Cable and Deadpool continues this week, along with a 5 part series entitled Identity Disc.


Cable & Deadpool #4

Cable and Deadpool fight, the facade virus is causing the techno-organic virus in Cable to overwhelm him now that he no longer has his telekinetic powers to stop it. Sunic has hired Lightmaster to protect their Singapore facility.  Cable is paralyzed by the techno-organic virus, he needs Deadpools healing factor,  he needs his blood.  Deadpool starts to melt.

Identity Disc #1


A woman blackmails 6 super villains into doing a job for her.  Sandman, Sabertooth, Deadpool, Bullseye, Juggernaut and Vulture.  Her name is Valeria Merrick and she works for Tristram Silver.  Silver is an urban legend crime-lord.  He wants them to get the Identity Disc for him.  The Disc holds information about all the masked superheroes.  Sandman refuses and tries to attack Valeria, she kills him with a special bullet.

Cable & Deadpool #5

Deadpool is struggling to get to Cable before he melts.  They can save each other.  Deadpool becomes liquid and Cable swallows him.  He spits out Deadpool and they are both saved.  Cable flies off and Deadpool takes a plane to Singapore.  When Cable gets to the Singapore facility he finds out that The One Church planned to use Lightmaster to spread the facade virus.

Identity Disc #2

All the super villains are given different takes to perform to set things up to steal the disc. The disc is at an AIM facility in Manhattan.  When they all meet up after Deadpool gives Valeria a micro chip that he and Bullseye have stolen.  Bullseye decides to quit and tells them that he didn’t give Valeria the real chip.  Sabretooth attacks him.  Valeria turns up and takes the real chip.

Cable & Deadpool #6

Cable already knew the churches plan.  People end up turning pink.  Cable begins lifting up and putting together his old base from where it was buried in pieces around the world.  Colonel Fury and SHIELD are monitoring Cable.  Cable uses his teleporter to body slide and ends up merged with Deadpool, they realize they they are now linked.  They rip apart and heal.  G.W. Bridge and Nick Fury are talking with Hammer.  Deadpool won’t work with them.  Cyclops, Beast and Emma Frost turn up at SHIELD, they want stop Cable.

Identity Disc #3

The team of villains begin there attempt to steal the disc.  Juggernaut, Deadpool, Bullseye and Sabertooth attach AIM agents and take their uniforms.  Vulture goes to cut the power so they can get in.  Once inside they are discovered.

Cable & Deadpool #7

Deadpool is in a fight in Hong Kong, Shen Kuei aka The Cat shows up.   Cable is interiewed by Irene Merriweather in the paper, he wants to save the world. SHIELD don’t trust Cable and his methods.  The X-Men are training to fight Cable but he may be too strong.  Deadpool and The Cat fight again.  The Cat shows Deadpool a device that could stop Cable.  Deadpool grabs it and bodyslides into Cable.  G.W. Bridge has formed a team call the ‘Six Pack’ to fight Cable.  Members are G.W. Bridge,  Domino, Anaconda, Solo, Constrictor and Hammer.

Identity Disc #4

There is a big fight with the AIM agents.  Deadpool and Bullseye are taken down.  Sabretooth and Juggernaut go after the disc.  Juggernaut accidentally lands on Sabertooth.  Juggernaut finds the disc but is shot.  Vulture is captured by SHIELD.

Cable & Deadpool #8

Deadpool is attacking a lab on Long Island looking for a device.  The Cat knocks him out.  The Beast takes the device, the X-Men take Deadpool.  The six pack are fighting Cable, they are no match for him, he takes them to Providence, his floating station and explains to them his vision for the world.  At the Xavier institute the X-Men are trying to recruit Deadpool to help them stop Cable.  Cable bodyslides with Deadpool into Nick Fury’s meeting with world leaders.  He gives them 48 hours to give him power.  Deadpool agrees to help the X-Men.

Identity Disc #5

Vulture is questioned by SHIELD.  They are sure that Sabretooth was tricking them all to steal the disc for him.  A female SHIELD agents escorts Vulture to a prisoner transport.  The SHIELD agent is Valeria, she is Vultures daughter,  She wanted the disc that AIM had because it had information that she is Vultures daughter.  It would have ended her SHIELD career.  Nick Fury reveals that SHIELD have the real Identity Disc.  Sandman is on a beach where he is joined by the real Tristram Silver, he wants to go after the disc.


Cable & Deadpool #9

The US Government decides to attack Cable.  The X-Men make their move.  Deadpool double crosses them during their attack on Cable.  Cable has four members of the Six Pack working for him.  Hammer and G.W. Bridge are being held in stasis.  Cable wanted the X-Men to defeat him.  He wants the world to be united, even if it is against him.  Reed Richards has contacted the Silver Surfer, he shows up to fight Cable.

Cable & Deadpool #10

Cable and Silver Surfer fight.  The Cat shows up to work with Deadpool.  They find that Providence is being held up by Cable’s telekinesis.  The Silver Surfer defeats Cable.  Deadpool bodyslides with an almost dead Cable.  Deadpool uses the machine that will lobotomize Cable at Cable’s request. Marvel Girl lowers Providence into the ocean where is floats as an island.

Cable & Deadpool #11

Cable has been lobotomized.  Deadpool is fighting MODOK and ends up doing a deal with him to get an alien embryo that could help Cable.  Cable is at his safe hous, he has the Six Pack locked with him telepathically, they can’t get out unless he dies.  Weasel believes that if they join Cable with the embryo it will fix him but its risky.  Deadpool seeks help from the fixer.  While they are all working on the embryo an snipper takes a shot at the embryo, it’s Agent X.

Cable & Deadpool #12


Agent X and Deadpool fight, Agent X is down but will heal.  Deadpool remembers that Cable is at his Swiss Safe house.  The fixer starts working to save Cable.  Cable has to control the embryo or it will kill him.  Agent X shows up, Cable recovers.  Back on Providence Nick Fury warns Cable not to push SHIELDs buttons.

Cable & Deadpool #13

A wanted terrorist is murdered on Providence.   Deadpool wants to help solve the case.  All the evidence says that Deadpool is the murderer but he has no memory of it.

Cable & Deadpool #14

Deadpool goes on the run and is hunted down by Prestor John.  They fight, Cable shows up to stop it.  Cable is leaving to recruit X-Force for a mission. Deadpool leaves to try and figures things out.  He goes to a man called Black Box and asks him to help him kill himself.

X-Force #4

Wolverine is fighting to free Caliban.  He has to fight Caliban and Shatter Star. Cable shows up with X-force to rescue Caliban.  A man in red armor shows up, he is looking into aliens called the Skornn, he wants to use them against the mutants.  Cable has been concerned about the Skornn.   Deadpool shows up, he has been brought there with a Cable bodyside.  The red armor man defeats Shatter Star and Deadpool.  He is blasted from behind by Stryfe.

Cable & Deadpool #15

Black Box has Deadpool wired to a machine.  He is brain washing Deadpool.  Deadpool bodyslides to Providence and fights Prestor John.  Siryn and Cannonball show up.  Cable has disappeared while fighting the Skornn.  They are going to try and use the Bodyslide link to find Cable.  Forge programs the bodyslide machine to track Cable.  Siryn and Cannonball will follow 3 minutes after Deadpool.  Deadpool slides to a world where Apocalypse rules.  The four horsemen show up, in this world Cable is War.

Cable & Deadpool #16

Deadpool, Siryn and Cannonball fight War/Cable.  Deadpool slides to another world.  This world is a utopia where Cable is worshipped as a god. Deadpool slides again. In the next world Cable is a machine and the techno-virus is in control.  Deadpool slides again to a farm where Cable is a baby and his guardian is Mr. Sinister.

Cable & Deadpool #17

Mr. Sinister seems helpful and reasonable.   He has a bbq for Deadpool, Siryn and Cannonball.  They find out that he has been trying to poison them.  It isn’t working on Deadpool because of his healing factor. Deadpool refused to slide again until he takes baby Cable from Sinister.  They go to Sinisters lab and find out his plans for the baby, he wants to use him to save the world.  He inject baby Cable with Deadpools DNA so that he will age more rapidly.  Deadpool manages to slide with the baby.

Cable & Deadpool #18


Back in Providence, Forge believes that the baby Cable is their Cable.  Deadpool turns on the baby and wants to kill him.  It’s because of Black Box’s brain washing.  Deadpool shoots himself in the head.  Cable is growing fast and offers to help Deadpool fix his brain.  He goes into the Bodyslide machine and gets his memories back.  X-Force attack Black Box but it is just a robot.  Cable heals Deadpool and they head to Pennsylvania together.

Cable & Deadpool #19

Cable and Deadpool hang out in a bar together and talk about their pasts.  Cable was raised as a soldier.  Deadpool’s mother died when he was young and his father used to beat him until he was shot dead.

Cable & Deadpool #20

Deadpool is hired to steal something from the Dominus Corporation.  Black Mamba, Asp and Diamondback (aka BAD Girls) are on their way to steal it too.  They fight but the hard drive they are all trying to steal is missing.  Deadpool heads to Iron Fist’s company, Rand-Meachum and he finds Weasel there. Iron Fist and Luke Cage show up, they believe that Weasel has put a virus in the company computers.

Cable & Deadpool #21

Deadpool fights Iron Fist and Luke Cage.  Weasel claims that he didn’t do it.  Cable shows up to help Deadpool.  Outside the building the BAD Girls have shown up.  They find security cameras that show Weasel being attacked by The Cat.  Cable gets the video from them but it shows that Weasel upload the virus before the attack.  Weasel said he just uploaded the virus the see what it could do.  The virus is a central router, connecting all computers to a central hub.  The Cat is working for Black Box.


Cable & Deadpool #22

Cable and Deadpool find out where Black Box is and show up to fight him.  He is with Rive and Makeshift.  Deadpool has already killed both of them so they must be clones.  Deadpool kills them again.  Black Box tries to overwhelm Cable and Deadpool with all the information he has from the virus.  The Cat is fighting the BAD Girls.  More Rive and Makeshift clones show up.  Black Box is a robot.  The real Black Box shows up.  Deadpool is surprised as it is someone that he thought he had killed.

Deadpool Challenge Week 4

Week 4 and I’m still enjoying the Merc.  This week I reached the end of Deadpools first solo run, met Agent X and began Cable and Deadpool.

Deadpool #51

The kid that Deadpool agree to take care of in the previous issue now has one of Deadpool’s costumes.  We see two Catholic school girls murdering several people.  Copycat believes that Deadpool is cheating on her.  The kid blows up the guy who killed his dad.

Deadpool #52

The Mercy Sisters.  innocent looking twin girls are going on a murderous rampage.  Deadpool sees the reward for their arrest on the TV.  He goes after them and they sandwich him between cars and his legs are crushed.

Deadpool #53

Deadpool call Copycat to help him while his legs heal.  He tells her that he knew that she was each of the 5 women that he had been seeing.  One of the sisters is seriously injured after the attack that crushed Deadpools legs.  They know she will die so the other sister shoots her.  Deadpool drives the remaining sister crazy by talking to her on a headset.  He manages to shot and kill her.  A young man is told that in order to inherit his grandma’s fortune, he must kill the Punisher.

Deadpool #54

Deadpool is trying to collect 3 million for killing the Punisher.  The Punisher is busy taking down mobsters.

Deadpool #55

Punisher and Deadpool fight.  The kid who is set to inherit the money for killing Punisher is killed.  Deadpool now has no reason to kill Punisher.  They go their separate ways.

Deadpool #56

Deadpool is hired by two old ladies to kill the Street Speeder.  While he is trying to do this Copycat finds out about Siryn and does and beats her.  Copycat leaves Deadpool and the warehouse he is living in is destroyed.  Deadpool is on his own and homeless again.

Deadpool #57

Agent of Weapon X, part 1.  Sabretooth recruits Deadpool back into the Weapon X  program with an offer to improve his healing factor.  Deadpool takes the opportunity to look normal again.

Deadpool #58

Agent of Weapon X, part 2.  Deadpool goes on a mission with Kane.   Kane kills a mutant child and Deadpool is appalled.  He wants to quit Weapon X.  He agrees to a mission to find Copycat, who has now gone mad and can’t control her shapeshifting.

Deadpool #59

Agent of Weapon X, part 3.  Deadpool finds Copycat and they are chased by Kane.  Sabretooth has been killing innocent people for fun.  Deadpool leaves Copycat in the zoo disguised as a gorilla.  Deadpool kills Kane but returns to Copycat to find that Sabretooth found her and killed her.


Deadpool #60

Agent of Weapon X, part 4.  Deadpool removes a control chip that Weapon X put in him to stop him hurting them.  He heads to Weapon X to get revenge for Copycat’s death.  Deadpool faces off against Sabretooth and the Weapon X scientists release a gas.  Deadpool melts, all that’s left of him is a hand, which is sent to Wolverine.

Deadpool #61

Funeral for a Freak, part 1.  There are no word balloons in this issue.  Deadpool is a ghost watching his own funeral.  All the characters from his past are there.  Typhoid Mary, Zoe, Monty, Blind Al, Weasel, Sasquatch,The Constrictor, Black Panther, The Great Lakes Avengers, Bullseye, Siryn, Wolverine and Sabretooth.  Deadpool enters a house and Death is in a bed.  Someone is seen in the shadows standing over Deadpools grave.  Deadpool is raised from the dead.

Deadpool #62

Funeral for a Freak, part 2. Deadpool wakes up on the street with some homeless people and no memory.  Five different people are seen taking over the role of Deadpool.  Deadpool bumps into Weasel who tells him that he is Deadpool.

Deadpool #63

Funeral for a Freak, part 3.  Weasel is trying to jog Deadpools memory, a photograph of Siryn finally does it.  Deadpool heads out to take down the fake Deadpools but as he arrives they take each other out.  Deadpool suggests that they all help each other.  T-Ray burst through a wall.

Deadpool #64

Funeral for a Freak, part 4. One of the fake Deadpools shoot Deadpool through the chest.  T-Ray carries him to a remote ancient sacrificial site. T-Ray has the Gemini stone.  A powerful stone with cosmos powers.  Weasel turns up with a gang.  The stone backfires on T-Ray, Deadpool realizes that he has been Wade Wilson all along.  T-Ray’s mind is wiped.  We discover that Thanos is after Deadpool because he is jealous of Deadpool’s relationship with Death.

Deadpool #65

The style of the comics changes for the last 5 issues.  The is a Manga feel to it.  We jump ahead to find Deadpool now has his own mercy agency and a young woman called Sandi working for him.  He is out on a hit to kill the Four Winds mob bosses.  He falls through a skylight and shoots randomly around.  All four bosses are shot through the heart and die.  A man is seen outside the room with a gun.  Deadpool becomes a hero among the underworld after the hit.  He briefly meets Outlaw.   Deadpool recruits a crazy homeless guy to work for him.  They go on a job to a mansion.  They guy with the gun from the hit is there.  His name is Black Swan and he is furious that Deadpool took credit for the hit on Four Winds.  Sandi finds Deadpool at the office beaten up and tied to a chair.

Deadpool #66

Sandi fixes Deadpool.  Black Swan has infected Deadpools mind with a virus.  Deadpool is still working jobs, but his success is more luck than judgement.  An old man wants him to get a rhino horn to help him perform with his young wife.  Deadpool tries to cut off ‘The Rhino’s’ horn.  Rhino and Deadpool fight.  Deadpool uses Ant-Man’s gas canister on Rhino, shrinking him to a couple of inches tall.  Deadpool cuts off Rhino’s horn to get paid and keep Rhino in a tank like a pet.

Deadpool #67

Deadpool is celebrating his success and is using Rhino as a key chain.  He takes another job and meets Outlaw who is just leaving after quitting the job. The job is to protect Dazzler.  Deadpool saves her from a hetman in a glitter ball.  Deadpool put Rhino in a hamster ball and after the ball breaks  and they fight, he flushes him down the toilet.

Deadpool #68

Taskmaster tells Deadpool that he believes that Black Swan has infected his mind. Deadpool is hired to shoot a young businessman’s rival, again he succeeds mostly by luck.  He gets back to the office to find that Sandi is in hospital.

Deadpool #69

It was Sandi’s boyfriend that beat her.  Deadpool goes to get revenge but promises Sandi that he won’t kill him.  Taskmaster makes no such promise and kills the boyfriends after Deadpool beats him up.  Deadpool and crazy homeless guy head to Black Swan’s mansion to confront him.  Deadpool has a bomb he make Black Swan fix the homeless guys brain before they fight and the mansion explodes with them in it.

That’s it for the first Deadpool run.  The next appearance of Deadpool is in the spin off comic, Agent X.   Agent X ran for 15 issues.  I read them all but only the ones with a Deadpool appearance are listed here.


Agent X #13

Black Swan is waiting at Sandi’s aparment with Deadpool.  Alex Shoots Deadpool.

Agent X #14


Alex feels hatred towards Deadpool but doesn’t know why.  Black Swan explains that Alex is Nijo and man who was working with him to seek revenge for the Four Winds hit.  Alex was killed at the mansion but resurrected with Black Swan and Deadpools powers and personalities.  Black Swan says he will give Alex and Deadpool back their memories.  They go to the theme park but Black Swan has been lying and tries to take what’s left of their powers.  He fights Alex but forgets about Deadpool who stabs him.

Agent X #15

The is a big show down at the theme park.  Outlaw shows up to help.  They manage to defeat Black Swan.  Sandi and Taskmaster are now a couple.  Outlaw has feelings for Alex.  Deadpool decides not to stick around and join their new mercy agency.


Cable & Deadpool #1


The start of a new ongoing series.  Deadpool is hired by the Prime Minister of the One World Church to retrieve a biotoxin from Sunic Pharmaceuticals in Germany.  Cable is in a hotel in Germany and telepathically scans the minds of Sunic’s employees.  He calls Irene Merriweather at the Daily Bugle to get more information about Sunic.  Cable and Deadpool attack Sunic at the same time.

Cable & Deadpool #2

The virus is no longer at Sunic it has been stolen by some college students, who have swallowed the virus.  Cable calls Irene to find out more info about the students, who call themselves Spammers.  Deadpool and Cable are both still chasing the virus.  Cable shoots Deadpool in the head to get him out of the way.  One of the kids is found in a hotel room lying on the bed melting.   Cable removes the virus and the kid dies.  He finds the other two kids, they both die but Cable manages to remove the virus.  Deadpool shows up and shoots Cable.  He takes the virus and delivers to the One World Church.

Cable & Deadpool #3

Cable is at his safe house in Switzerland with Charles Xavier.  Cable is asking Charles for advice about how to use his powers.   The One World Church is going to test the virus on Deadpool.  Cable shows up to observe what the Church is doing with the virus.  Deadpool has been converted, he is now blue and a supporter of the Church.  The Church knows that Cable has been watching and they try to convince him that they are a force for good. They have a machine to spread the virus they infect Cable and can block his mutant powers.

Deadpool Challenge Week 3

Here we go with week three.  Almost all the issues were from the Deadpool series with one Black Panther crossover.

Deadpool #27

Deadpool needs a good fight to clear his head.  He keeps hallucinating and seeing a woman and rabbits.  He decides to find and provoke Wolverine because he also has the healing factor and won’t be killed.

Deadpool #28

The woman in Deadpool’s hallucinations is real and being chased by Bullseye.  Deadpool recognizes her as Mercedes, his dead wife.

Deadpool #29

Deadpool attempts to find out if Mercedes is really his dead wife.  Black Talon shows up to find her.   She did die but someone brought her back from the dead.

Deadpool #30

Deadpool is called back to the Hellhouse.  Monty is found hanging with a note on him.  Deadpool realizes that T-Ray is back and is the one who brought back Mercedes and attacked Monty.

Deadpool #31

Deadpool takes Monty to Zoe at LL&L.  Monty recovers and leaves with Zoe to start a new life.  Deadpool and Mercedes also try and leave via a portal for a new life but they end up at their old home in Maine where T-Ray is waiting for them.

Deadpool #32


Deadpool fights T-Ray and discovers that his memories of being married to Mercedes were false.  They were actually T-Ray’s memories.  He was married to Mercedes and it was Deadpool that killed her.

Deadpool #33

More details about how Deadpool killed Mercedes and took on T-Ray (Wade Wilsons) identity.  T-Ray gives Mercedes powers and they leave together.  Deadpool is attacked by all the people that he has killed.  Death recess him.  She says he can’t die because he has to suffer more.

Deadpool #34

Deadpool wakes up floating in liquid in a science lab.  He tells the story of how Bullseye tried to take his job working for Kingpin.  The scientist in the lab also has death floating in liquid.  If Deadpool leave the liquid his body will not hold together.

Deadpool #35

More Deadpool back story as he tells the scientist about how he was hired by The Wizard to be a part of the Frightful Four along with Taskmaster and The Constrictor.  They tried to kidnap Reed Richards son from the Baxter Building.  Deadpool realized he wasn’t a villain when he couldn’t harm the kids.  He breaks free of the tank.

Deadpool #36

Back to the Bullseye/Kingpin story.  Kingpin fired him because he chose to save people rather than kill Bullseye.  Deadpool puts on a suit that will hold his body together, free death and runs out of the lab.  The scientist turns into Loki and claims to be Deadpool’s father.

Deadpool #37

Loki tricks Deadpool by making him think that he has been able to pick up Thor’s hammer.  Deadpool flies around in a Thor costume.  Thor gets his hammer back.  Loki curses Deadpool with a handsome face until he makes peace with his father.

Deadpool #38

Deadpool now looks like Tom Cruise.  He reaches out to Typhoid Mary and Siryn but ends up renting an apartment with Titania and The Constrictor.

Deadpool #39

Deadpool, Titania and The Constrictor are living together.  They come home and find a message from Taskmaster offering Titania a job.  Deadpool takes the job instead of her.  He joins a team to go to Baron Zemo’s space station and recover a weapon before the station burns up.  Team mate are Electa, Pyron and Malovick.   Titania and The Constrictor have plans for revenge on Deadpool.

Deadpool #40

Deadpool is double-crossed by the team while on the space station they lock him in a pod that won’t launch and leave him to burn up with the station.  They make him fat and wipe his mind.

Deadpool #41

Deadpool manages to break away in the pod, he crashes into a clocked ship of mercenaries who are on a mission to free their leader from prison.  If he helps them free Dirty Wolff they will give him a ride home.  He free Dirty Wolff but they cause a riot and the mercenary ship is blown up, leaving them trapped on the station.

Deadpool #42

Deadpool’s memory of attacking Humbug.  He is still trapped on the station with Dirty Wolff.

Deadpool #43

Deadpool escapes the station on Dirty Wolff motorcycle.   Titania and The  Constrictor fight The Absorbing Man.  The Constrictor is confused when Titania disappears and the Absorbing Man claims that she is at home sick in bed.  Deadpool gets home and a new client shows up.  Achebe.

Deadpool #44

Achebe hires Deadpool, Titania and The Constrictor to steal Black Panther’s Cat. T’challa is not currently the Black Panther,  Killmonger has taken over the position after defeating T’challa in a contest.  The steal the cat but get captured by the Avengers.

Black Panther #23

Deadpool escapes the Avengers and fights Killmonger then leaves.

Deadpool #45

We find out that Titania has actually been Copycat all along.  Deadpool wasn’t fooled but played along.   She was hired by The Wizard and Taskmaster to take all of Deadpool’s money.  The house they are in explodes.  Deadpool is sitting in a bar when a man sits next to him, Deadpool ends up apologizing to the man for how he is acting.  Deadpool gets his old face back.  Maybe the man was his father?

Deadpool #46

Deadpool is living in a warehouse in Brooklyn and working as a mercenary.  A cop hires him to take out some mob bosses.  He is told to meet with a woman at a tattoo parlor and that she will have info on where the men will be.  Deadpool kills the first man on the cops list.  The cops wife is killed but we don’t see who did it.

Deadpool #47

Deadpool takes out more mob bosses and starts to fall for Anna, the informant.  Deadpool meets with the cop who doesn’t have the money he promised.  Anna hits Deadpool over the head with a shovel.

Deadpool #48

Anna and the cop drive away.  She killed his wife so they could split the insurance money.  He tries to give her less than half so she turns the gun on him and goes back for Deadpool, who they have buried alive.  Anna kills the cop and a woman who has been spying on them for one of the mob bosses.  Vinny, the mob boss shows up and she kills him too.  She wants to run away with Deadpool but she’s too crazy even for him so Deadpool shoots her.

Deadpool #49


Deadpool meets 5 different women.  he dates 4 of them.  We find out a the end of the book that they are all Copycat.

Deadpool #50

Deadpool gets distracted on a job and the mark gets away and kills the guy who hired Deadpool.  Deadpool promises to take care of the guys son, who blames Deadpool for his dad’s death.  He lets the kid help him get the guy who killed the kids dad.  The boy is also trying to kill Deadpool.

ok.  I did it, 25 more comics read!!!  Next week I should get to the end of this first Deadpool series and move on to Cable and Deadpool.

Deadpool Challenge Week 2

Week 1 was a lot of fun once I got into the Deadpool monthly series.  I’m glad I read the four part mini series “Sins of the Past” as that did have some follow up in the monthly series.

So far so good, let’s move onto to the next 25 issues.

Deadpool #9

Deadpool is captures by the Villain Deathtrap.  A letter at the end suggests he’ll be back.

Deadpool #10

Deadpool is sent back in time while fighting the Great Lakes Avengers.

Deadpool #11

Deadpool and Blind Al are stuck in the past.  Deadpool impersonates Peter Parker so he can meet with a young version of Weasel and get his teleporter fixed and go back to his own time.  This comic was drawn in the style of the 1960’s Marvel comics and was a lot of fun to read.

Deadpool #12

Deadpool needs to see Siryn, he eventually finds her and she doesn’t want anything to do with him.  He thinks she comes back and they have a night together but it turns out to be Typhoid Mary disgused.  T-ray challenges Deadpool to a fight at the Golden Gate Bridge.

Deadpool #13

Deadpool finds out that Weasel has been visiting Blind Al and he’s furious.  He shuts them both in the box and goes to fight T-ray.  T-ray leaves him unconscious in the show.

Deadpool #14

Weasel finds out more about Blind Al and why she won’t leave Deadpool.  Weasel leaves.  Deadpool recovers, Zoe arrives and make him an offer from LL&L.

Deadpool #0  (I couldn’t find this on the App)

X-Force #73 (Not on the Marvel App)

Heroes for Hire #10 (Not on the Marvel App)

X-Force #76 (Not on the Marvel App)

Deadpool #15

Deadpool is taken to the LL&L headquarters.  He fights an experiment called Doris who has escaped.  He signs up to work for LL&L

Deadpool #16

Deadpool is sent on his first mission for LL&L and is joined by Bullseye.  Bullseye isn’t impressed with Deadpool trying to be good.  Blind Al is punishing Deadpool by being polite and helpful, It’s driving him crazy.

Deadpool #17

Zoe and Dixon tell Deadpool about the Mithras Directive and how he is supposed to save the world by allowing the Messiah to bring about peace.  Ajax turns up and tortures Killbrew to try and find Deadpool and kill him.

Deadpool Annual ’98 (this is not on the Marvel app and leaves a bit of a gap in the story as it tells us how Deadpool rescues Killbrew from Ajax)

Deadpool #18

Deadpool has recues Killbrew and they are on the run from Ajax.  They find a young german woman named Ilaney living in a cabin in the snow.

Deadpool #19

Deadpool fights and kills Ajax but not before Ajax kills Dr. Killbrew.  Ilaney is also killed but Dr.  Killbrew’s ghost brings her back to life.

Deadpool #20

Deadpool kidnaps Monty and they go to Monte Carlo where Deadpool uses Monty’s abilities to win money.  They cheat Batroc and fight.  Monty says he has had the best time.  When they get back Dixon wipes Monty’s mind.

Deadpool #21

Deadpool is told he has to kill Tiamat to save the Messiah. Zoe finds out about the mind wipe Dixon had done on Monty.  She takes Monty to find Deadpool in his hideout.

Deadpool #22

Deadpool does not want to kill.  He leaves to find Siryn.  He ends up fighting Cable who convinces him that he should kill to do the right thing.  Deadpool goes back to LL&L.

Deadpool #23


The first part of the three part story finale.  Dead Reckoning  Deadpool leaves to fight Tiamat.  Dixon stops Zoe and Monty from helping Deadpool.  Deadpool cannot kill Tiamat but manages to escape to his hideout.  Zoe takes Monty and also goes to the hideout.  The hideout is blown up by a bomb set by Dixon.  Dixon asks Captain America to be the Mithras.

Deadpool #24

Part 2 of Dead Reckoning.  Deadpool is presumed dead and doesn’t appear in this issue.  Captain agrees to fight Tiamat despite not liking Dixon.  Homeless Gerry turns out to be a former partner of LL&L who faked his own death. He has been operating behind the scenes to try and make things right.

Deadpool #25

Part 3 of Dead Reckoning.  Deadpool is back and he fight Tiamat.  He discovers that the people who sent Tiamat were the good guys and that the Messiah would bring about peace by taking away free will.  Deadpool fights the Messiah and wins.  Dixon goes mad and is locked up.  Zoe gets the promotion that she wanted.

Deadpool #26


Not much happening in this issue.  Deadpool is telling the story of how things have been going since the previous issue.  Monty is living with him in Bolivia and Ilaney is working for him when he needs a pilot.  At the end it is revealed that his talking to Doctor Bong about his problems.

18 issues read this week.

Deadpool Challenge


The next big comic book movie release will be on February 12th 2016.

Deadpool is one of my all time favorite Marvel characters but I haven’t read anywhere near all of the comics that he’s appeared in.  So over the next few months I’m challenging myself to read every issue that he’s in, that is also available on the Marvel Unlimited app.  Comicvine states that he is in 1690 issues so that’s a lot of reading.

To complete this I need to read an average of 9 issues per day.  A daunting task and I’m not sure I’ll get there but I’m sure to learn a lot about Wade Wilson along the way.

Every Friday, I’ll list the issues that I read, and share any interesting things about Deadpool that I learn along the way.