Discovering Valiant Comics Part 2 – X-O Manowar


This weeks post is about Valiant’s longest running book, X-O Manowar.  Issue #42 was released last week so there is a lot of catching up to do.  I purchased the first volume, this weekend and am glad I did.  I recommend that anyone who is interested in Valiant comics and in particular X-O Manowar read this before jumping into the latest issue.  A new arc begins in a few weeks time and I feel much better about buying in now that I know his origin story.

I didn’t know anything about this character before I picked up the first volume other than he has a special suit of armor.  I don’t want to spoil too much about his origin story in case people want to read it for themselves but it’s pretty epic.  It all begins in ancient Rome and then moves to another planet and then back to present day earth.  X-O Manowar (Aric of Dacia) is a man out of time and that’s what makes his story so compelling.  He’s like Captain America without the moral high ground.  I’ve never been a huge fan of Captain America, I like my heroes to have a bit more of an edge, like Tony Stark, Wolverine or Batman, they do the right thing but not always the right way. In this regard X-O Manowar really works for me.

The book is a fast paced, page turner with stunning artwork.  It was very satisfying to be able to read the first four issues together, they really do tell a great origin story, X-O Manowar is something unique in comics and I can’t wait to read more.

This week Valiant releases an issue that gives a back story to Manowar’s nemesis, Commander Trill.   He plays heavily in the origin story so I’ll definitely be picking that up this week.


Discovering Valiant Comics – Part 1- Ninjak


My discovery of Valiant Comics comes at a time when I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed by the volume of titles being released by the big two publishers.  I love the characters and stories but recently we have been seeing over 20 titles a week being release by Marvel, and DC aren’t far behind.  That’s a lot to choose from and hard work to keep up with what’s happening.

The current incarnation of Valiant Comics has only been around for about 4 years, so it’s not hard to buy a few collected volumes and catch up with everything.   Valiant typically only release around 2 titles a week so it’s easy to read everything, and being a bit of a completest that works great for me.  It truly feels like quality over quantity and I hope things stay that way.

The first Valiant book I read was Ninjak Vol. #1 Weaponeer.  I flicked through the pages in the store and the vibrant colors of the beautiful artwork really caught my eye.  The first volumes of all the Valiant titles are only $9.99. Volume #1 collects the first 5 issues of Ninjak making this book a bargain, so I gave it a go.  I wasn’t disappointed, once I started reading I couldn’t put it down.   I loved that each of the collected issues ended with The Lost Files flashbacks, telling us more about Colin and how he became Ninjak.  As a new reader it was really cool to have character background and in just five issues I felt like I really got to know him.

Ninjak is British secret agent, who works for MI-6 but he’s also a highly trained ninja assassin. (He’s like a ninja James Bond).  There is also a touch of Bruce Wayne about him.

I went on to read issues #6, #7, #8 & #9 which comprise the Shadow Wars story arc.  They will be released as a collected paperback on 12/2/2015  for $14.99 and a new arc starts in Ninjak #10 the following week.

In the next few months I plan to read more Ninjak in the Valiant series Unity.  Ninjak appears in that title as a part of a Valiant team of characters.


New Valiant Comics This Week 11/4/15

A couple of titles out this week from Valiant.

Ninjak #9 is out and comes with 5 variant covers.  My personal favorite is the close up of Ninjak with the red background.  If you’re not reading any titles from Valiant and you love comics, you might want to give this series a try.  Ninjak vol. 1 (featuring issues #1-#5) is available in Trade Paper Back for just $9.99 or get it now on Amazon for just $9.18.


I just read The Valiant tpb and loved it.  This week you can pick up issue #1 of the 4 part series for just $1.00.  A great way to sample Valiant.


New Valiant Comics This Week 10/28/15

Book of Death #4 (of 4)

There are 5 varients for the final issue in the series.   I have to admit to only recently being introduced to Valiant comics, so I’ll be waiting for the collection edition of the Book of Death.  I recently read the first 5 issues of Ninjak, loved it and immediately ordered The Valiant.  Hopefully it will be waiting for me along with my new comics this week at my local comic store.

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