New DC Comics This Week 11/4/15

The final issue of the Bat-Mite limited series is out this week along with The Darkseid War spin offs Superman and The Flash.  This week also see the start of the Looney Tunes Variants.

Bat-Mite #6 (of 6)

Batman & Robin Eternal #5

Batman: Arkham Knight #10

Detective Comics #46 (LT)


Green Arrow #46 (LT)


Green Lantern #46 (LT)


Harley Quinn & Power Girl #5 (of 6)

Justice League Gods and Men: Flash #1

Justice League Gods and Men: Superman #1

Lobo #12

Mortal Combat X #12

Scooby-Coo Team-Up #13

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #16

New DC Comics This Week 10/28/15

Lots of new issues this week.  If you have been reading the Darkseid War storyline then the new Batman issue this week should probably be on your pull-list.

Justice League: Darkseid War: Batman.  DC Comics.

All-Star Section 8 #5

Aquaman #45

Batgirl #45

Batman and Robin Eternal #4

Batman ’66 #28

Cyborg #4

Deathstroke #11

Gotham By Midnight #10

Grayson #13

He-Man: The Eternity War #11

Justice League 3001 #5

Justice League: Darkseid War: Batman #1

New Suicide Squad #13

Prez #5

Robin: Son of Batman #5

Sinestro #16

Superman #45

The Flash #45

We Are Robin #5

New DC Comics This Week 10/21/15

Titans Hunt #1 DC Comics

Its a great week for Teen Titans fans.  This weeks comics include Teen Titans, Teen Titans Go! and the new Titans Hunt.  I’m looking forward to picking up my books on Wednesday and hoping the new Titans book delivers on what looks to be an exciting addition to the DC Comics line up.  There are a few Monsters variants this week as well as a Green Lantern ’75 for Teen Titans.  My picks for the week are in bold.

Batman and Robin Eternal #3

Batman: Arkham Knight – Genesis #3 (of 6)

Bizarro #5 (of 6)

Black Canary #5 (Monsters)

Doctor Fate #5

Doomed #5

Gotham Academy #11

Green Lantern: Lost Army #5

Injustice Gods Among Us Year Four #12

Justice League #45 (Monsters)

Martian Manhunter #5

Secret Six #7

Superman/Wonder Woman #22 (Monsters)

Teen Titans #12 (GL75)

Teen Titans Go! #12

Titans Hunt #1

Wonder Woman #45 (Monsters)

Batman #45 – Review

Batman #45 DC Comics

After last months awesome issue #44, issue #45 picks up where #43 left off.

Gordon is trapped in a furnace, Bruce is living a soap opera life with Julie and Mr. Bloom is rising in power.

I’m not totally on board with what’s going on on the Batman book right now.  I’m not a big fan of what’s happening with Bruce and Jim Gordon.  The Bruce Wayne pages seem like they are part of a different comic.  I’m sure they are supposed to contrast his new idyllic life with the dark world he used to belong to but, I do feel that I could have skipped those pages and still follow what going on in the book.

That aside, Mr Bloom is awesome.  He feels like a cross between and gangster and a Doctor Who villain.   So because of that and not Bruce or Jim. I’ll stick with Batman for now and keep my fingers crossed that Bruce will be be back soon.

Superman Lois and Clark #1 – Review

Superman Lois and Clarke #1 DC Comics

My first response when hearing about this new title from DC Comics was, do we really need another weekly Superman book? We already have Superman, Superman/Wonder Woman, Batman/Superman, Justice League and Justice League of America.  However, this book is a different spin on the Man of Steel so I picked up the first copy and figured I’d give it a try.

This book spins out of the Covergence event and places an alternate version of Superman on our earth where we already have a Superman.  The Superman of this book is married to Lois Lane and they have a son, so if you’re a fan of Lois and Clark as a couple then this is going to be the book for you.

Recent events in the main Superman book mean everyone knows Superman’s secret identity, now, along comes a new Superman, who not only has a secret identity, he also wants to stay under the radar in every way possible.  This seems to be catering to the fans who didn’t like the outing of Superman, they now have a even more secret Superman to keep them happy.

The last page of the book was a little confusing and I almost felt like I was reading a preview page for a completely different title. But,  I’m sure the following months will reveal more about the Oblivion Stone and its significance for this books Superman.

In conclusion, the art work in the book is great and the story moves along but I don’t know that it’s enough to add the book to my monthly Superman reading list.  There are so many other characters that don’t have their own book right now that this one seems like a bit of a disappointment.   So I think that rather than picking this book up on a monthly basis, I’m going to keep a spot open on my “Super” reading list for a new Supergirl title.

New DC Comics This Week 10/14/15

This week sees the release of another title to emerge from the Convergence event.  Lois and Clarke #1.  I’ll pick up the first issue but I’m not sure that I want to add anymore Superman to my reading list.  I dropped Starfire and Catwoman from my list this month,  I really wasn’t enjoying Catwoman and Starfire is just a bit too similar to Harley Quinn.  If I get to the end of a title a few months in a row and don’t want to read the next issue immediately then it’s probably going to be crossed off my list.

Bat-Mite #5

Batman #45 (Monsters)

Batman & Robin Eternal #2

Batman/Superman #25 (Monsters)

Catwoman #45 (Monsters)

Constantine: The Hellblazer #5

BombShells #3

Earth 2: Society #5

Harley Quinn #21 (Monsters)

Justice League of America #4 (GL75)

Justice League United #14

Red Hood/Arsenal #5

Scooby Doo Where Are You #62

Starfire #5 (Monsters)

Superman: Lois & Clarke #1


Telos #1 – Review

Telos #1 

Telos #1 DC Comics

Writer: Jeff King

Pencils: Carlo Pagulayan 

Inks: Jason Paz & Sean Parsons

Colors: Hi-Fi

I picked up this book without expectation, but with a lot of interest.  This is a rare thing in comic books, a new character getting their own weekly title for the first time.  Other characters that have recently got weekly titles, Cyborg for example,  have so much history that it can be overwhelming at times.

The only history Telos has, is his involvement in the recent Convergence event.  The Trade Paper back is out later this month. It’s worth reading if you are going to be following Telos.

Convergence DC Comics

Telos #1 begins with Telos’ search for the wife and children that Brainiac took him away from.  He hunts down Brainiac, in a rage because the information Brainiac gave him as to the whereabouts of his family has proved to be false.

It’s really refreshing that Telos has no back story to catch up on or continuity for the writers to concern themselves with.  He has a compelling driving force and it will be interesting to go on this journey with him.  I really enjoyed the first issue and will be back for more next month.

Telos #2 out 11/11 DC Comics

Batman Annual #4 – Review


Batman #44 was clearly going to be a tough issue to follow.  This Annual was a little bit of a disappointment.  It’s a larger book but the story didn’t seem to progress very much.  Bruce is moving back into Wayne Manor, he has to deal with Clayface, My Freeze and the Riddler who were inmates there while it was an asylum.  They want revenge for his help with funding Batman.  It’s always great to see some classic villains but they didn’t seem to be as scary tough as they should be.  Bruce takes down all three of them pretty easliy, even though he has no recollection of fighting anyone before.   I guess I just want Bruce/Batman back.  I’m not digging the Gordon/Batman/robot that we have right now.

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