Secret Wars Week 9


Hail Hydra #1

Ian Rogers (Nomad), son of Arnim Zola was presumed dead after Baron Zemo’s base exploded, but Nomad escaped into the infinite elevator.  Nomad sees a young man being captured by Hydra after spray painting a wall.  Nomad escapes the soldiers but feels guilty about leaving the man and decided to go rescue him.   He frees the man as he is about to be put into an incinerator, he frees all the other prisoners.  The man tells Nomad that there is no safe place, Hydra is everywhere while they are taking the mans head is cut off by a flying shield.  They attacker is a man dressed in Captain America’s uniform but with Hydra colors.

Inhumans: Attilan Rising #3

Blackagar and Medusa’s forces are fighting in the desert, the voice unheard resistance movement are fighting Medusa’s men in the Quiet Room back in New York.  All of Blackagars forces end up falling to Medusa.   A few of Blackagars men try and escape through the portal back to the Quiet Room but the gate has been closed so they do not know where they are going to exit.

The Last days of Silver Surfer #13

Dawn is returning to earth but they are taking the long way and visiting some of their favorite places.  When they return to where they first met and saved the Never Queen, she is disappearing and warns them to run because there is no future.  Dawn sees the earth being destroyed and then receives a message from herself to tell the Surfer to look right, he sees a tear in the fabric of reality and they go through.  They are met by to people who tell them that they are space that stands apart from eternity.  They are told about how Doom has created his own world and that some of earths heroes have survived.    One of the people reveals himself to be Glorian and wants The Surfer to make a new reality for the heroes to come back to.  They are revealed to be standing on the face of The Shaper of Worlds.

Master of Kung Fu #3

The Thirteen Chambers are about to open and the great masters are assembled for their trial by combat.  Shang-Chi arrives to take part, he is allowed despite Rand-K’ai’s protests.  They enter the chamber and Shang-Chi begins to face the other masters.  Beaten and bloodied he finally has to face Rand-K’ai.

A-Force #2

While traveling to Arcadia the Sub-Mariners discover a portal.  Nico Minoru spends time with the strange woman who fell from the sky, the woman does not speak and the other women of Arcadia are suspicious of her, when confronted she becomes scared and a sentinel appears through a portal.  The star woman helps them fight the sentinel but then another portal appears, She-Hulk travels through and finds herself in a post apocalyptic New York City.

Future Imperfect #2

Maestro and Thing fight.   Ruby Summers tries to help but gets captured by one of Maestros soldiers.  She escapes and it turns out that the soldier is a woman named Layla Miller, she tells Ruby that there are some people who work for Maestro who would like to see him gone.  In the Meantime Maestro has captured The Thing and wants to try and get him to work with him to overthrow Doom.

Giant-Size Little AvX #2

This is so much fun.  But I think its a love it or hate it kind of book and I love it.    The little Avengers and X-Men are competing to get the new kids at school to attend a party at each of their clubhouses.  The new kids sit on a hill with popcorn watching the crazy battle below. If you like this then you really should be reading Skottie Young’s I Hate Fairyland series from Image Comics.

Red Skull #1

Crossbones is instructed by Doom to put together a group to go into the Deadlands and confirm that Red Skull is dead.  Most of the group is killed by Zombies but Magneto is rescued by Red Skull.

Secret Wars #4

The main event moves along in this next installment.  Doom finds out about the group of heroes that Stephen Strange is meeting with.  When Doom confronts them Stephen scatters the throughout the Battleword.  Doom is furious and kills him.

Secret Wars Journal #3

Two short stories, the first has Wolverine investigating the murder of Tony Stark and the second follows a psychiatrist working with Hulks.

Ultimate End #3

The same heroes from two different universes continue to try and co-exist in Manhattan.  Banner tells the story of how he and his counterpart ended up fighting and destroying a prison. The Punishers is taking down heroes and Tony Stark breaks Bruce Banner out of SHIELD’s custody.

X-Tinction Agenda #2

The Mutants of Genosha stage an attack on X-City to try and bring Triage back to Genosha and hopefully find a cure for the disease that is killing them.

Years of Future Past #2

The rebel mutants take refuge in an underground safe house.  A sentinel head that they are using for security activates and they are attacked by Doom Sentinels.  Kate takes Christina to go and wake the dragon Lockheed.

Last days of Black Widow #19

Last days are here and Black Widow is sent on one last mission to make a difference.  I have read the Black Widow series and it’s not really been holding my interest.  I read it because it’s there on the app but it’s not one that I would purchase.

Last Days of Punisher #19

The last few issues of the Punisher series.  I haven’t been reading the previous 18 issues so I’m not too familiar with the storyline.  I read this and it can be skipped if you are just following the Secret Wars but if you want to see how Frank Castle handles the incursion this is a must.  I’ll be binge reading the entire series before the next season of Daredevil comes onto Netflix.

Planet Hulk #2

Steve Rogers is in Greenland with a dinosaur looking for Bucky, he is helped by a Hulk.