Secret Wars Week 7


Wow!! 17 new Secret Wars titles were added to the Marvel Unlimited app this week.  That’s a lot of comics to read but great value for money.  If fact, buying them individually would have been around the same price as the annual subscription cost of the app.

Armor Wars #2

I’m trying really hard to like this but I just can’t get into it.  The story pits Tony Stark against his brother Arno, in a region where armor has to be worn to survive.  The story features a murder investigation and corporate espionage.  I’m interested to see where the story goes and I really hope there are going to be some twists and turns in the tale before it ends.

Runaways #1

This one I liked.  Great characters who play well off each other.  The tension builds as the kids try and make it to their final exam.  Love the twist at the end.  Valeria makes a great villain.

Squadron Sinister #1

This one was much better than I expected.  It’s not often that you find yourself routing for the bad guys but in a world run by Doom everyone else seems a little less villainous.  This book pits villain against villain and it’s hard to figure out who is the best and the worst.  This is one of my favorites this week and I’ll be looking forward to issue #2.

Thors #1

The Thors have featured in almost every Secret Wars title so far so it’s not unexpected that they have their own book.  Thors are Doom police force and army and are recruited from all regions of the Battleworld.   There have been a series of murders in different regions all looking to have been committed by the same person.  So far they have been unable to identify the identities of the victims.  One of the best and most experienced Thors has been assigned the case which is considered to be an Allthing (a case that has to be closed fast before Doom takes an interest).  They discover that all the victims are the same person, Thorleif’s partner Ray is killed when he meets with his CI, Loki, but manages to let Leif know that the victims are all Jane Foster.  This is an intriguing murder mystery, a criminal investigation much more interesting that the one in Armor Wars.

1602 Witch Hunter Angela #1

I have mixed feeling about this book.  I like the Angela character and really like the idea that this is set in the King James’ England region of the Battleworld.  The book started off great.  I love Marguerite Sauvage’s artwork so I settled in for an entertaining read.   Part way through the book Stephanie Hans takes over the artwork, and while it really is beautiful work, it’s also the part of the book where things started to get a little confusing for me.  I had to read it through a couple of times to figure out what was happening and that’s a little frustrating.  Angela discovers that the king is a witchbreed and then heads out with Sarah on a quest to hunt faustians.  She discovers on in a tavern and then meet the leader, The Enchantress.  The Enchantress curses Angela telling her that before she kills three of her faustians, Sarah will be dead. At least I think that’s what was happening:) hopefully issue #2 will make thing clearer.

Last Days Of Captain America & The Mighty Avengers #9

It’s goodbye to the world in this last issue of the Mighty Avengers.  The book counts down the last minutes as the Mighty Avengers come to terms with the fact that they can’t do anything to save the world.  Some make last ditch efforts to make a difference, others spend time with loved ones.  This book is both touching and light-hearted, what would you do if you knew the world was ending in the next few hours?

Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #1

Set in the Hala Field region of Battleworld, Carol Danvers is leading a squadron of fighter pilots on training drills.  During the exersize, they see Hydra coming through the border walls, before they can respond a army of Thors arrive to take care of things.  Back in the barracks some of the pilots are asking questions about the sun and  earth.  Science queries and questions are against Doom’s law, they have to hide their theories. Captain Marvel is sent on a mission is to stop and invading force of Ultrons.  When she gets there she sees that she has been lied to.  Carol vows to investigate whats happening and “see what’s on the other side of the sky”  This is one of the few cases we see of people questioning Doom’s rule and laws.  It’ll be interesting to see what Carol manages to uncover as she investigates further.

Ghost Racers #1

Set in Dooms Killiseum, so far there is not to much to this book other than people enjoy watching the Ghost Racers and Reyes always wins. While it’s cool to see all the Ghost Riders together in one book it also didn’t really hold my interest.  It took about 5 mins to read and so far looks to be a classic tale corruption as Arcade attempts to fix the next race to win money betting against Reyes.  I really hope there is going to be more to the story than that.  Hoping for a plot twist in upcoming issues.

Inferno #2

I didn’t really enjoy issue #1 and this isn’t doing much to win me over. Who has been captured by who and whose side is everybody on?  Things seem to be thrown together and maybe trying to do too much with too many characters.  We know that Piotr is trying to rescue his sister Illyana.  He ends up having to team up with Madelyne Prior, the former queen of the Goblin Horde. She promises to help him release Illyana but makes no promises that Illyana will survive.  I really like the artwork and so want to like this book but it all feels a little jumbled right now.  Maybe when I re-read it all as one story, after every issue is on the app, it will be a little more enjoyable.

Inhumans: Attila Rising #2

Black agar explains to Auran what the Quiet Room is all about and how it operates.  Murdoch and Castle are in the bar listening to the conversation.  Kampala arrives disguised as Anthony Stark, she sneaks into the basement to find out what is going on.  She listens in on a meeting of the Voice Unheard but is discovered by Murdoch and brought down by Mega-Rad.  Karnak want to abort the mission but Blackagar convinces him to go ahead with the plans.  Medusa knows what they are planning and is waiting for them at the drop zone.  I really thing that this is one of the best of the Secret Wars titles.  I really have no idea where it is heading and who will end up fighting for who.  Once again I’m looking forward to the next issue.

Marvel Zombies #1

Another female led Secret Wars book this week tells the story of Elsa Bloodstone.  She is defending the shield wall from Zombies when she accidentally blasted into the Deadlands.  She finds herself stranded there with a young boy who does not remember who he is.  Unable travel north and cross all the hordes of Zombies to get back to the Shield wall.  Elsa and the boy decide to head south into unknown territory.  I really enjoyed this one, looking forward to seeing what the two characters come across as they head south.

Mrs Deadpool and the Howling Commandos #1

I am a big Deadpool fan so this was one that I had already read when it first came out. Deadpool books are always fun and this is no exception.  Deadpool is killed by Dracula who them forces Deadpool’s wife, Shiklah to marry him.  Shiklah decides to head out on a mission to find the head of the Scepter of the Manticore.  She uses the excuse that she has to deliver her brothers ashes so that Dracula will let her go.  He insists that she travel with his finest warriors and tells Werewolf by Night to make sure that she doesn’t come back.  The story is narrated by Deadpool so, as you can imagine, there is a bunch of humor thrown into the story. I like Shiklah and I hope she survives the journey.

Secret Wars 2099 #2

Captain America is attacked at home while she is Roberta Mendez.  She transforms to fight off the attacker but as is normal, Roberta has no memory of the attack or the fact that she is Captain America. The Avengers find out that the attacker has a business card belonging to Martin Hargood so they head out to investigate. Meanwhile Martin Hargood is in a restaurant being confronted by a man about  his “after-hours activities”  When the Avengers turn up the man turns into the Hulk, they all fight and Hulk is joined by two others and they are calling themselves the Defenders.

Secret Wars Journal #2

Two more short stories from he Battleworld.  In the first one we get to see Misty Knight, who is one of my favorite Marvel characters.  Misty and Paladin are two cops in pursuit of a woman named Bombshell.  They catch up to her and find she has Kraven’s coin.  There is a race called The Hunt taking place, anyone who can get the coin to Kraven collects a fortune. Misty and Paladin fight off other racers to get the coin to Kraven.  Misty gets to Kraven who explains that the Hunt isn’t about money, it was a distraction to keep assassins from hunting him.  Misty takes what money he has in his safe and leaves.

The second short story has Matt Murdoch working as a chef for Bar Sinister, a virus of self replicating clones.  Matt is trying to free himself and Elektra, who cannot speak, from being his slave.  He has been giving her a larger and larger dose of poison each day so she builds up and immunity.  When she taste tests the food for Sinister she will be ok, he will eat it and he will die.  Sinister found out about Matt’s plan.  Elektra has been dying every night and Sinister has been making clones.  Matt’s plan has failed.  This was a disturbing tale with a very cool twist at the end.  One of the best short stories I have read.

Spider-Verse #2

Gwen Stacy and the other Spiders continue on their quest to find out why things don’t seem quite right in their part of the Battleworld.  Gwen and Spider-Ham meet up with some of the other Spiders.  They use their tracking software to track another Spider to the docks where he helps them take on Tombstone and Carnage.  They defeat Tombstone and Carnage but while they are talking a group of villains arrive.

Ultimate End #2

Another book with lots of characters and a lot going on.  Avengers from two different universes are sharing the same region of Battleworld.  Doom warns them not to try and fix the rift that has brought them all together.  A grey Hulk smashes through the walls of The Raft, Ryker’s maximum security prison.  SHIELD is watching and monitoring the situation when a green Hulk follows through the wall.  The hulk’s fight and the prisoners escape. SHIELD and all the Avengers arrive to try and stop the Hulks.  Through reading all of these books and writing these reviews, I am getting a clearer picture of what I do and don’t like when it comes to comics.   This one isn’t the worst of the bunch this week but it’s certainly not my favorite either.  Not much seemed to happen to move the story on.  Hopefully next week we will see more development in the storyline.

Weirdworld #1

Finally this week Weirdworld and it is weird.  While I absolutely love the cover art that Mike Del Mundo does, I’m not sure that the style lends itself well to story telling.   I’m really struggling with this one.  The artwork is different and that’s refreshing but it is sometimes a little distracting from the story.   The story itself didn’t grab my attention.  Dragons, ogres, underwater monkeys and Morgan Le Fay is running things.  Not really sure what to make of it all, but maybe that’s the point of a book titles Weirdworld.