Secret Wars Week 6


The following 9 Secret Wars titles were added to the app this week.

The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1

Super-heroes are going missing or being killed and Peter Parker is trying to pick up the slack in their absence.  This is putting pressure on his marriage to MJ.  The Avengers call him to help them look into the disappearances.  When there is a break out at Ryker’s Island prison Peter rushes home.  He is too late Venom is there and has MJ and the baby.  Spider-Man and Venom fight and Spider-Man thinks he has killed Venom.  While this is happening we see the Avengers fighting a villain calling himself Regent. Regent has absorbed all the X-men’s powers and is now trying to take the Avengers. We then see Peter about 5 years later trying to lead a normal life.  Signs in the background show that Regent is running the city.

Armor Wars #1

Set in region of Battleworld called Technopolis where everyone has to wear armor to survive.  There is a Armor Spider-Man (Peter Urich) he is being chased by armored soldiers hired by Fisk, he has uncovered something that could “Blow the lid off this place”.  Baron Tony Stark is in his tower with Pepper, we learn that Tony is in an Armor War with his brother Arno.  Tony visits the workshop if Kiri Oshiro, Tony offers to by the company and protect her from Arno.  Tony controls 65% of the armor in Technopolis and Arno controls the rest. Arno is watching their conversation.  After Tony leaves Kiri gets a call from James Rhodes, he is investigating the murder of Kiri’s boyfriend Peter Urich.

Future Imperfect #1

This book is set in a region of Battleworld called Dystopia.  The region is run by a Baron Maestro.  A red skinned woman named Ruby is walking in the desert, she comes across and old man who claims to be Odin.  He tells her he wants to be away from Dystopia and the Maestro, she takes him back to Dystopia and introduces him to her friends who are part of a resistance group planning to take down the Maestro.  During a telepathic screening they discover that is’s not Odin but the Maestro himself that they have taken into there underground secret base.  The Maestro is a hulk and cases devastation until the leader of the resistance appears.  It’s Ben Grimm and will not be easy for The Maestro to defeat.

Secret Wars #3

Stephen Strange visits the life raft that the Cabal where discovered on.  He discovers a stowaway, Miles Morales, who also remembers the old worlds colliding.   Doom and Susan Storm talk, we discover that Susan’s brother Johnny is Battleworld’s sun.  A punishment he received for defying Doom.  Susan advised Doom that he should remove his mask and show the people his deformed face, show his flaws so they might be inspired by him.   Stephen takes a Thor and Miles to a secret bunker where is has another raft, they open it up and find pre-Battleworld heroes onboard (Captain Marvel, Thor, Spider-Man, Star-Lord, Black Panther, Reed Richards and Cyclops) They are angry to discover they have been on the raft for 3 years and that Dr. Doom is running the world.  The Cabal is discovered by Thors in the kingdom of Utopolis.

Battleworld #2

Like the previous issue this book contains two short stories about two different regions of Battleworld. The first stars Blade and Howard the Duck in a region called New Quack City.  Blade and Howard join forces and fight a vampire duck.  It’s a fun story but I’m not much of a Howard the Duck fan so it’s not one of my favorites.   The second story is a much darker tale.  Set in Arcadia in Arcade’s Killiseum, the fights are run by Taskmaster who is unhappy when Arcade puts Thaddeus Ross’s War Machine into the arena.  The next day Arcade announces to everyone that it was Taskmaster that Killed Ross’s daughter.  It’s not true but he wants Taskmaster removed.  Ross kills Taskmaster.  He remembers what Cap told him that there will always be bigger monsters to fight.  We see Doom watching.

X-Tinction Agenda #1

Set on the island of Genosha, years ago the mutants fought for freedom and overthrew Cameron Hodge.  Havok and Wolfsbane stayed on the island to help rebuild.  Years later a disease has made the island a prison for the mutants left there and without a cure they will all die.   Wolfsbane and Havok  ask Doom to allow Rogue and Triage break quarantine and be sent to the island to help heal the mutants.  Doom refuses. The Mutants decide to go to X-topia and take Rogue and Triage.  Meanwhile a Genegineer is attempting to bring back Cameron Hodge.

Years of Future Past #1

Christina Pryde is attempting to gather supplies so that the X-Men that are being held in internment camps can remove the collars that restrict their powers and regain their freedom.  They successfully break out.  There are new sentinels being produced that have a virus that will force them to attack the President.  The mutants try to get to him in time so that they will rescue him and hopefully persuade humanity to save mutants from extinction.   The military have Mystique and The Blob and use them to attack the mutants.  During the fight the new sentinels are released, now it’s a race to save the President.

Giant-Size Little Marvel AvX

A fun silly book that pits the X-men against the Avengers in a food stand war.  Some light relief from he heavy Secret Wars storylines, if your a Skottie Young fan this is a real treat.

Master of Kung Fu #2

Emperor Zu’s group is searching for Shang-Chi.  Change-Chi is still drinking and reluctantly training a group of fighters. The group is betrayed by Callisto, the emperors men find the group, some of them escape. Shang-chi decides to face Zheng Zu in the thirteen chambers and agrees to to train the remaining students to fight and save K’un Lun.