The Legend of Oz: The Wicked West #1


Writer: Tom Hutchinson

Pencils: Allison Borges

Colors: Kate Finnegan

Publisher: Aspen Comics

After reading Oniba #0 from Aspen Comics I decided to to try out more of their current titles.  Out this week was The Legend of Oz: The Wicked West #2, so I decided to download issue #1 from to try the comic out and see if I would be interested in purchasing issue #2.

The book is a new take on the story of Dorothy Gale.  In this telling, Toto is a horse, Dorothy has ruby-handled revolvers instead of slippers and the yellow brick road that she has been told to follow is almost totally destroyed making her journey to the Emerald City extremely difficult.

It’s interesting to see Dorothy portrayed as a confident gunslinger rather than a timid young girl.  It’s a major, what if? departure from the original story but still has familiar elements such as flying monkeys, a cowardly lion and talking scarecrows.  It definitely held my interest for the whole issue and made me want to read issue #2.

Aspen Comics is doing a great job in bringing us strong female led comic books and I’m becoming more of a fan with each new title I find.