Gotham Season 2 Episode #2 – 9/28/15 – review

Rise of the Villains: Knock, Knock


Season 2 continues to move along at a rapid pace.  Galavan has kidnapped the Mayor and threatened him into covering up his own disappearance.  Jerome takes the lead of the Arkham escapees and they terrorize Gotham calling themselves the Maniax!.

Bruce fires Alfred for breaking his fathers computer then hires him back as long as he promises to train him.

The Maniax! attack GCPD and kill Captain Sarah Essen.  Harvey Bullock returns to work.

Cameron Monaghan steals this episode with a brilliant performance as the manic, Jokeresque, Jerome.  The laugh and the smile are perfectly crazed.  Galavan and his team of crazies dominate this episode with no time for the Penguin and little for the Riddler.

Another great thrill ride of an episode.  Looking forward to next week and seeing how the GCPD and Gordon move forward without Essen at the helm.

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