Gotham Season 2 Episode #1 – 9/21/15 Review

Rise of the Villians: Damned If You Do….


The new season picks up right where the old one left off.   Penguin is running the Gotham underworld, Gordon is working as a traffic cop, Bullock is a bar tender and Barbara is now an inmate at Arkham Asylum.

This episode largely deals with how far is it ok to go for the greater good.  Gordon struggles with the frustration of losing his job and no longer being able to try and clean up Gotham.  He only option to get back to cleaning up the city is to turn to crime himself and do a favor for the Penguin.  It gave Gordon a bit more of an edge, as he spent most of the previous season taking the moral high ground.

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This episode sees the arrival of Theo Galavan and his sister Tabitha (Tigress).  His agenda is not made clear in this episode although it’s clearly not going to be good for Gotham.

Ed Nygma is now talking to himself and spiraling into insanity.  We are getting closer and closer to seeing the super-villain Riddler emerge.

The least interesting parts of the episode for me were the ones involving Bruce Wayne.  Alfred is by far the most interesting part of any Bruce scene.

The episode is a great start to season 2.  It’s going to interesting to see, over the course of the season, how Gordon deals with what he had to do for Penguin, the increasing threat that Galavan poses and The Riddler slowly losing his mind.

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