New Marvel Comics This Week 9/30/15

Really slow week for Marvel.   Just 9 new titles.  I’m not a fan of Howard the Duck so even though I’m excited that Agents of SHIELD is back on tv this week.  I won’t be picking up this months issue #10.

Captain America White #2

Cavalry SHIELD 50th Anniv. #1

E is for Extinction #4

Ghost Racers #4

Hail Hydra #3

Inferno #5

M.O.D.O.K. Assassin #5 (of 5)

S.H.I.E.L.D. #10


X-Men ’92 #4

New on the Marvel Unlimited App 9/21/15

Secret Wars moves closer and closer on the app.  The Avengers only has one more month to go before it all starts.  I’ll be reading and reviewing every Secret Wars related book as it appears on the app.

Avengers #43

Daredevil #14

Guardians of the Galaxy #25

All-New Captain America #5

Amazing Spider-Man #16.1

Black Widow #16

Captain America & The Mighty Avengers #6

Cyclops #11

Hulk #13

Loki: Agent of Asgard #12

Magneto #16

Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble #5

Marvel Universe Guardians of the Galaxy #2

Moon Knight #13

Princess Leia #2

Silk #2

Storm #9

The Punisher #16

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #3

Wolverines #11

Marvel Comics This Week 9/23/15

I’ll probably only be picking up one Marvel title this week, Secret Wars #6.  I haven’t enjoyed many of the titles surrounding this event but I am enjoying the main book.  Not much longer now until the event is over and things settle back down.

1872 #3

Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #4

Deadpool vs Thanos #2 (of 4)

Fury S.H.I.E.L.D. 50th Anniv. #1

George Romero’s Empire of the Dead: Act Three #5 (of 5)

Inhumans: Attilan Rising #5

Kanan – The Last Palawan #6

Marvel Univrse Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors #11

Runaways #4

Secret Wars #6 (of 8)

True Believers Princess Leia #1

True Believers Silk #1

Weird World #4

X-Tinction Agenda #4

Years of Future Past #5

DC Comics This Week 9/23/15

Just 4 for me this week.  It’s a great week though.  Issue #44 of The Flash.  I love, love, love the artwork in that book right now.  There are a few more Green Lantern 75 variant covers this week. Next month we’ll be getting monsters variants, followed by Looney Tunes variants in November.

Batgirl #44

Batman ’66 #27

Deathstroke #10 (GL75)

The Flash #44 (GL75)

Gotham by Midnight #9

Grayson #12 (GL75)

Harley Quinn & Power Girl #4 (of 6)

He Man the Eternity War #10

Justice League 3001 #4

Scooby-Doo Team-Up #12

Sinestro #15 (GL75)

Teen Titans #12 (GL75)

We Are..ROBIN! #4

Deadpool Challenge Week 5

Cable and Deadpool continues this week, along with a 5 part series entitled Identity Disc.


Cable & Deadpool #4

Cable and Deadpool fight, the facade virus is causing the techno-organic virus in Cable to overwhelm him now that he no longer has his telekinetic powers to stop it. Sunic has hired Lightmaster to protect their Singapore facility.  Cable is paralyzed by the techno-organic virus, he needs Deadpools healing factor,  he needs his blood.  Deadpool starts to melt.

Identity Disc #1


A woman blackmails 6 super villains into doing a job for her.  Sandman, Sabertooth, Deadpool, Bullseye, Juggernaut and Vulture.  Her name is Valeria Merrick and she works for Tristram Silver.  Silver is an urban legend crime-lord.  He wants them to get the Identity Disc for him.  The Disc holds information about all the masked superheroes.  Sandman refuses and tries to attack Valeria, she kills him with a special bullet.

Cable & Deadpool #5

Deadpool is struggling to get to Cable before he melts.  They can save each other.  Deadpool becomes liquid and Cable swallows him.  He spits out Deadpool and they are both saved.  Cable flies off and Deadpool takes a plane to Singapore.  When Cable gets to the Singapore facility he finds out that The One Church planned to use Lightmaster to spread the facade virus.

Identity Disc #2

All the super villains are given different takes to perform to set things up to steal the disc. The disc is at an AIM facility in Manhattan.  When they all meet up after Deadpool gives Valeria a micro chip that he and Bullseye have stolen.  Bullseye decides to quit and tells them that he didn’t give Valeria the real chip.  Sabretooth attacks him.  Valeria turns up and takes the real chip.

Cable & Deadpool #6

Cable already knew the churches plan.  People end up turning pink.  Cable begins lifting up and putting together his old base from where it was buried in pieces around the world.  Colonel Fury and SHIELD are monitoring Cable.  Cable uses his teleporter to body slide and ends up merged with Deadpool, they realize they they are now linked.  They rip apart and heal.  G.W. Bridge and Nick Fury are talking with Hammer.  Deadpool won’t work with them.  Cyclops, Beast and Emma Frost turn up at SHIELD, they want stop Cable.

Identity Disc #3

The team of villains begin there attempt to steal the disc.  Juggernaut, Deadpool, Bullseye and Sabertooth attach AIM agents and take their uniforms.  Vulture goes to cut the power so they can get in.  Once inside they are discovered.

Cable & Deadpool #7

Deadpool is in a fight in Hong Kong, Shen Kuei aka The Cat shows up.   Cable is interiewed by Irene Merriweather in the paper, he wants to save the world. SHIELD don’t trust Cable and his methods.  The X-Men are training to fight Cable but he may be too strong.  Deadpool and The Cat fight again.  The Cat shows Deadpool a device that could stop Cable.  Deadpool grabs it and bodyslides into Cable.  G.W. Bridge has formed a team call the ‘Six Pack’ to fight Cable.  Members are G.W. Bridge,  Domino, Anaconda, Solo, Constrictor and Hammer.

Identity Disc #4

There is a big fight with the AIM agents.  Deadpool and Bullseye are taken down.  Sabretooth and Juggernaut go after the disc.  Juggernaut accidentally lands on Sabertooth.  Juggernaut finds the disc but is shot.  Vulture is captured by SHIELD.

Cable & Deadpool #8

Deadpool is attacking a lab on Long Island looking for a device.  The Cat knocks him out.  The Beast takes the device, the X-Men take Deadpool.  The six pack are fighting Cable, they are no match for him, he takes them to Providence, his floating station and explains to them his vision for the world.  At the Xavier institute the X-Men are trying to recruit Deadpool to help them stop Cable.  Cable bodyslides with Deadpool into Nick Fury’s meeting with world leaders.  He gives them 48 hours to give him power.  Deadpool agrees to help the X-Men.

Identity Disc #5

Vulture is questioned by SHIELD.  They are sure that Sabretooth was tricking them all to steal the disc for him.  A female SHIELD agents escorts Vulture to a prisoner transport.  The SHIELD agent is Valeria, she is Vultures daughter,  She wanted the disc that AIM had because it had information that she is Vultures daughter.  It would have ended her SHIELD career.  Nick Fury reveals that SHIELD have the real Identity Disc.  Sandman is on a beach where he is joined by the real Tristram Silver, he wants to go after the disc.


Cable & Deadpool #9

The US Government decides to attack Cable.  The X-Men make their move.  Deadpool double crosses them during their attack on Cable.  Cable has four members of the Six Pack working for him.  Hammer and G.W. Bridge are being held in stasis.  Cable wanted the X-Men to defeat him.  He wants the world to be united, even if it is against him.  Reed Richards has contacted the Silver Surfer, he shows up to fight Cable.

Cable & Deadpool #10

Cable and Silver Surfer fight.  The Cat shows up to work with Deadpool.  They find that Providence is being held up by Cable’s telekinesis.  The Silver Surfer defeats Cable.  Deadpool bodyslides with an almost dead Cable.  Deadpool uses the machine that will lobotomize Cable at Cable’s request. Marvel Girl lowers Providence into the ocean where is floats as an island.

Cable & Deadpool #11

Cable has been lobotomized.  Deadpool is fighting MODOK and ends up doing a deal with him to get an alien embryo that could help Cable.  Cable is at his safe hous, he has the Six Pack locked with him telepathically, they can’t get out unless he dies.  Weasel believes that if they join Cable with the embryo it will fix him but its risky.  Deadpool seeks help from the fixer.  While they are all working on the embryo an snipper takes a shot at the embryo, it’s Agent X.

Cable & Deadpool #12


Agent X and Deadpool fight, Agent X is down but will heal.  Deadpool remembers that Cable is at his Swiss Safe house.  The fixer starts working to save Cable.  Cable has to control the embryo or it will kill him.  Agent X shows up, Cable recovers.  Back on Providence Nick Fury warns Cable not to push SHIELDs buttons.

Cable & Deadpool #13

A wanted terrorist is murdered on Providence.   Deadpool wants to help solve the case.  All the evidence says that Deadpool is the murderer but he has no memory of it.

Cable & Deadpool #14

Deadpool goes on the run and is hunted down by Prestor John.  They fight, Cable shows up to stop it.  Cable is leaving to recruit X-Force for a mission. Deadpool leaves to try and figures things out.  He goes to a man called Black Box and asks him to help him kill himself.

X-Force #4

Wolverine is fighting to free Caliban.  He has to fight Caliban and Shatter Star. Cable shows up with X-force to rescue Caliban.  A man in red armor shows up, he is looking into aliens called the Skornn, he wants to use them against the mutants.  Cable has been concerned about the Skornn.   Deadpool shows up, he has been brought there with a Cable bodyside.  The red armor man defeats Shatter Star and Deadpool.  He is blasted from behind by Stryfe.

Cable & Deadpool #15

Black Box has Deadpool wired to a machine.  He is brain washing Deadpool.  Deadpool bodyslides to Providence and fights Prestor John.  Siryn and Cannonball show up.  Cable has disappeared while fighting the Skornn.  They are going to try and use the Bodyslide link to find Cable.  Forge programs the bodyslide machine to track Cable.  Siryn and Cannonball will follow 3 minutes after Deadpool.  Deadpool slides to a world where Apocalypse rules.  The four horsemen show up, in this world Cable is War.

Cable & Deadpool #16

Deadpool, Siryn and Cannonball fight War/Cable.  Deadpool slides to another world.  This world is a utopia where Cable is worshipped as a god. Deadpool slides again. In the next world Cable is a machine and the techno-virus is in control.  Deadpool slides again to a farm where Cable is a baby and his guardian is Mr. Sinister.

Cable & Deadpool #17

Mr. Sinister seems helpful and reasonable.   He has a bbq for Deadpool, Siryn and Cannonball.  They find out that he has been trying to poison them.  It isn’t working on Deadpool because of his healing factor. Deadpool refused to slide again until he takes baby Cable from Sinister.  They go to Sinisters lab and find out his plans for the baby, he wants to use him to save the world.  He inject baby Cable with Deadpools DNA so that he will age more rapidly.  Deadpool manages to slide with the baby.

Cable & Deadpool #18


Back in Providence, Forge believes that the baby Cable is their Cable.  Deadpool turns on the baby and wants to kill him.  It’s because of Black Box’s brain washing.  Deadpool shoots himself in the head.  Cable is growing fast and offers to help Deadpool fix his brain.  He goes into the Bodyslide machine and gets his memories back.  X-Force attack Black Box but it is just a robot.  Cable heals Deadpool and they head to Pennsylvania together.

Cable & Deadpool #19

Cable and Deadpool hang out in a bar together and talk about their pasts.  Cable was raised as a soldier.  Deadpool’s mother died when he was young and his father used to beat him until he was shot dead.

Cable & Deadpool #20

Deadpool is hired to steal something from the Dominus Corporation.  Black Mamba, Asp and Diamondback (aka BAD Girls) are on their way to steal it too.  They fight but the hard drive they are all trying to steal is missing.  Deadpool heads to Iron Fist’s company, Rand-Meachum and he finds Weasel there. Iron Fist and Luke Cage show up, they believe that Weasel has put a virus in the company computers.

Cable & Deadpool #21

Deadpool fights Iron Fist and Luke Cage.  Weasel claims that he didn’t do it.  Cable shows up to help Deadpool.  Outside the building the BAD Girls have shown up.  They find security cameras that show Weasel being attacked by The Cat.  Cable gets the video from them but it shows that Weasel upload the virus before the attack.  Weasel said he just uploaded the virus the see what it could do.  The virus is a central router, connecting all computers to a central hub.  The Cat is working for Black Box.


Cable & Deadpool #22

Cable and Deadpool find out where Black Box is and show up to fight him.  He is with Rive and Makeshift.  Deadpool has already killed both of them so they must be clones.  Deadpool kills them again.  Black Box tries to overwhelm Cable and Deadpool with all the information he has from the virus.  The Cat is fighting the BAD Girls.  More Rive and Makeshift clones show up.  Black Box is a robot.  The real Black Box shows up.  Deadpool is surprised as it is someone that he thought he had killed.

DC Comics This Week 9/16/15

Just 3 pulls for me this week.  Some good ones though.  I love Harley and Wonder Woman so it’s going to be a good week.  There a few more Green Lantern 75 variant covers.

Batman Arkham Knight: Genesis #2 (of 6)

Bizarro #4 (of 6)

Black Canary #4 (GL75)

Constantine: The Hellblazer #4

Doomed #4

Dr. Fate #4

Green Lantern: Lost Army #4

Harley Quinn #20 (GL75)

Injustice Gods Among Us Year Four #10

Martian Manhunter #4

Prez #4 (of 12)

Robin: Son of Batman #4 (GL75)

Secret Six #6

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #14

Superman/Wonder Woman #21 (GL75)

Wonder Woman #44 (GL75)

Marvel Comics This Week 9/16/15

A couple of Star Wars titles and once again a ton of Secret Wars.  The Captain America White comic looks like a really interesting idea.  It’s going to be Cap. recalling a story from 1941.

Captain America White #1

Agent Carter: S.H.I.E.L.D. 50th Anniversary #1

Fury:S.H.I.E.L.D. 50th Anniversary #1

Miracle man by Gaiman & Buckingham #2

House of M #3 (SW)

1872 #3 (SW)

Age of Apocalypse #4 (SW)

Infinity Gauntlet #4 (SW)

Guardians of Nowhere #4 (SW)

Spider-Island #4

Lando #4

All-New Hawkeye #5

Armor Wars #5 (SW)

Secret Wars Journal #5 (SW)

Spider-Verse #5 (SW)

Star Wars #9

S.H.I.E.L.D. #10

Bucky Barnes: Winter Soldier #11

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