DC TV Update 8/18/2015

Returning DC shows

Gotham (FOX) second season premiere 9/21/2015

The Flash (CW) second season premiere 10/6/2015

iZombie (CW) second season premiere 10/6/2015

Arrow (CW) forth season premiere 10/7/2015

Upcoming DC shows

Supergirl (CBS) premiere 10/26/2015

Legends of Tomorrow (CW) premiere early 2016

Lucifer (FOX) premiere 2016

Preacher (AMC) pilot being filmed

Titans/Blackbirds (TNT) rumored, not yet in production




Gotham Season 2 is just 34 days away.  Fox has been running some trailers for the new season which is subtitled “Rise of the Villains” So far already cast for the season are Tigress and Firefly.  One of the trailers sees Bruce and Alfred entering an underground cave, no doubt the first we see of the Batcave.

The Flash


There’s going to be a bunch of new villains for the Flash to deal with the season.  Already cast are Atom-Smasher and Captain Cold’s Father.  Others rumored to be appearing include Vandal Savage, Doctor Alchemy, Professor Zoom and the Mirror Master.  It’s already been teased that Kaitlin will be becoming Killer Frost but it’s not known whether it will happen this season.


Starling City becomes Star City and Arrow will now be known as the Green Arrow.  There have been updates to Green Arrow’s costume as well as a new bunker for the team.




Probably the most anticipated new show for comic book fans this season is Supergirl.  Brit Morgan has been cast as the villain Livewire, who’s power is electricity.  It’s been confirmed that Superman will not be appearing on screen in the series but he will be mentioned and play a part in Kara development into Supergirl.

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