DC TV Update

Returning DC shows

Arrow (CW) forth season premiere 10/7/2015

The Flash (CW) second season premiere 10/6/2015

Gotham (FOX) second season premiere 9/21/2015

iZombie (CW) second season premiere 10/6/2015

Upcoming DC shows

Supergirl (CBS) premiere 10/26/2015

Legends of Tomorrow (CW) premiere early 2016

Lucifer (FOX) premiere 2016

Preacher (AMC) pilot being filmed

Titans/Blackbirds (TNT) rumored, not yet in production



So many shows, so many rumors on what’s to come this season.  All eyes are sure to be on Supergirl when she arrives on the screen in early 2016.  The pilot has been leaked online and the reviews are good.  It’s sure to have a huge audience for the first few episodes, let’s hope it holds onto them. Being on a large network such as CBS means that the numbers need to be high to keep it going.

Flash-Logo-CW legends-tomorrow-logo.jpgarrow-logo-the-cw

The CW is growing there DC group of heroes with the Legends of Tomorrow premiere in early 2016 after a big Arrow/Flash crossover episode.  It’s going to be exciting to watch all three shows and see how they crossover and interact over the coming season.


iZombie returns for a second season.  It’s a bizarre concept but it’s worth watching, lots of humor and zombies that can hold a conversation, make it a refreshing change from the Walking Dead style zombie.


Gotham is another big one.  I’m still undecided on this.  I enjoyed last season but I found myself leaving episodes on the DVR for a few weeks before watching, rather than having to watch live because I couldn’t wait to see what would happen.

Other shows being added to the tv schedule this season are Lucifer and Preacher.  These aren’t superhero shows but they are owned by DC comics.Finally there is the possibility of a live action Teen Titans series to be shown on TNT.  I love the Teen Titans comics and really hope this gets made and does justice to the comic book and the characters.

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